New Posters & TV Spots for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Today we the two newest posters for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra as well as several of the latest TV Spots for your viewing pleasure.

To start, here’s the latest for G.I. Joe featuring two of the coolest characters that will be in the movie: Snake Eyes and his sword-fight dance partner, Storm Shadow:

The posters look like the same thing we’ve been seeing over and over again with the countless character posters for this movie. These ones in particular look like they belong on the toy packaging that Hasbro will be pumping out alongside this film.

Check them out and see what you think [Click to Enlarge]:

Ray Park brings back some Darth Maul-like action as Snake Eyes

Byung-hun Lee as Storm Shadow

What is interesting about these posters though is that if you put them side-by-side, they form one larger wall poster. Thanks to Screen Rant reader Benny who pointed this out and put the images together for us! Check it out:

[Click to Enlarge]

If I were a kid and loved this movie (which I totally would of if I were 10 again), I’d want a wallposter like this featuring two of the likely-to-be fan favorites. Especially since that’s the awesome Ray Park playing Snake Eyes which is always a win.

For more G.I. Joe, Page 2 has three of the latest TV spots for you.

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