Posters: True Blood, Shrek 4, Other Guys, Robin Hood & The Losers

Shrek 4 Movie Poster

A handful of new posters have released recently and for your enjoyment, we're sharing them with you. The True Blood: Season 3 one is pretty darn cool, but this motion poster for The Other Guys is absolutely amazing. I've never laughed so hard at a poster, even if a moving one is kind of cheating. I am immediately much more interested in seeing it.

Also, Shrek Forever After has a pair of posters teetering on the border of inappropriate and it's part of what I love about them. The Losers presents us with six individual character posters, so check out the second page for those. Finally, Robin Hood has graced us with what I'm calling a Gladiator knock off poster.

Only a couple paragraphs down and I'm still laughing at The Other Guys' motion poster. Hate Will Ferrell all you want (I do not), but based on this I can't say it looks unfunny.

Source: Yahoo

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