New Posters: Surrogates, Pandorum, The Informant!

Today we have a batch of new posters from three movies that are set to hit theaters before the end of the year. These include the new Bruce Willis action-sci-fi/thriller film Surrogates, the Dennis Quaid/Ben Foster sci-fi/horror-thriller, Pandorum, and the Matt Damon political comedy, The Informant!.

I'm looking forward to all three of these movies: Surrogates looks like a lot of fun, Pandorum looks creepy and atmospheric as hell and The Informant! looks hilarious. Check out the new posters for the three movies below:

For Surrogates, we have a bunch of new posters, all employing the same style of having the human bodies revealed as machines. They're cool and all but don't they remind you of something? They're shockingly similar to the ones for The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Take a look and see for yourself:

For the rest of the Surrogates posters you can head over to IGN.

Do you see the comparisons to The Sarah Connor Chronicles posters I was talking about? The text style, the blank background, the sleek-ness, the general human-machine idea - all strikingly similar. I do like the tagline for Surrogates, though. And I find it interesting that apart from his name, star Bruce Willis is nowhere to be seen.

Next up, we have the final one-sheet for Pandorum, starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting. I've been looking forward to this movie ever since I saw the first poster and trailer, and this latest (and final) one-sheet just ups my anticipation even more. Check it out:

What... the...

The final poster we have today is for the upcoming political comedy/thriller, The Informant!. It reunites Matt Damon with director Steven Soderbergh for the fifth time, and it looks bloody brilliant in my eyes. Damon looks to be playing one of his most diverse characters, at least as far as his appearance goes. The first poster for the film was unusual, cheerful and goofy, and the latest follows suit. Take a look:

The poster is very much in the style of the work of Saul Bass who's best known for his title sequence and poster work with the late-great Alfred Hitchcock (Vertigo being one their most notable collaborations - check out the poster and legendary title sequence). The Informant! poster certainly stands out amongst a lot of others, and you might have to look close but I love the tagline: "Based on a tattle-tale."


What do you think of these latest movie posters? Which of the three movies are you looking forward to most?

Surrogates opens on September 25th; Pandorum opens on September 11th in the UK and on September 18th in the US; and The Informant! opens on October 3rd in the US and on November 20th in the UK, all in 2009.

Sources: IGN, Bloody-Digusting and Yahoo

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