New Posters: Saw VI, Extract, Gamer & Lots More

Question: What do the movies Saw VI, Extract, Gamer, A Serious Man, Whiteout, The Hole, and Law Abiding Citizen have in common? They all have new posters that Screen Rant has for your viewing pleasure, that's what!

First up is Saw VI, yet another installment in the surprisingly highly successful torture-porn horror franchise, Saw. Maybe it's the fact that they kicked off this kind of horror movie trend, maybe it's the marketing, who knows, but for some reason people keep going to see these movies. They lost any intellectual stimulation for the audience a few movies ago, and it's now all really about how to cram as much gorey traps into the runtime as possible. Saw VI looks to be no different.

The posters show of a peculiar and sinister looking nurse with some sort of weird prosthetic half-face mask. Ever since the first movie, this "Blood Drive" ad campaign has been going on (you can check out some of the rest here, here and here), and this may just be the best example yet. Even if the sixth Saw turns out to be crap (as I suspect it will), I've gotta admit these posters are effectively creepy. Check them both out:

Saw VI hits theatres on October 23rd, 2009.

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