New Pelham 123 & Last House on the Left Remake Posters

Today we have new posters for a couple of upcoming remakes, The Last House on the Left and The Taking of Pelham 123. Both are effective in their own ways...

Check them out below (click for high res versions):

A well designed poster (whatever constitutes that), can be an effective and powerful advertising tool. A well done one will grab the passer-by's attention, be clear enough about the feel of the movie and who stars in it - but isn't so obvious and generic that it comes off as bland.

And I think these two are examples of well designed posters, with The Last House on the Left being effectively simple and The Taking of Pelham 123 one being decisively fuller but certainly attention and interest grabbing.

The Last House on the Left poster is effective because of the lack of imagery in it; the marketing people clearly know you don't need a lot to advertise the film other than the name and just the house on its own. It's certainly an improvement over the last poster we saw (although it was pretty well done as well).

The Taking of Pelham 123 poster has, like I said, a lot more on it but the combination of the train blended with the city near the bottom and the stylishly done depictions of the two leads make it stand out and work very well, neither being too showy (which would make it hard to look at) or too subtle (which would leave people confused as to what the film is supposed to be).

So what do you make of these two posters? Do you agree they're really effective or have you got another opinion?

The Last House on the Left is set to be released on 13th March 2009 and The Taking of Pelham 123 on 12th of June 2009.

Sources: ShockTillYouDrop and Joblo

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