New 'G.I. Joe' & 'Monsters vs. Aliens' Posters

Today we have a pile of new posters for your viewing pleasure for two big movies coming out later this year.

The first batch we have, thanks to Ain’t It Cool News, is five G.I. Joe character posters that give us absolutely nothing new – It’s just more of the same good looking people wearing black armor and holding guns. I get it. I’ve already seen all these characters in similar poses sporting the exact same equipment - In fact that's all we've ever seen for this movie.

I’d say they really need to show us something new and some actual footage but we already know they’re going to on Sunday with their first ever teaser trailer during the Super Bowl, so hopefully that will generate some excitement as these posters don’t.

Take a look and see what you think:

Next we have some retro-styled character posters for Monsters vs. Aliens. Similar to the G.I. Joe posters, these aren't that spectacular or special. However, since we’ve already seen multiple trailers for this movie, the characters in this case, are able to sell themselves - especially to the younger audience who are already in love with some of the characters (notably B.O.B. played by Seth Rogen).

Similar to G.I. Joe, this movie is making a big marketing splash during the Super Bowl with their highly anticipated 3-D full length trailer, where they distributed millions upon million pairs of 3-D glasses all over the states.

Here are the posters:

I look forward to these trailers so I’ll treat these images as a teaser for Sunday. What do you think of the posters?

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra hits theaters August 7, 2009 and Monsters vs. Aliens debuts March 27, 2009.

Sources: JoBlo, Ain't It Cool News

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