First Official 'New Moon' Poster

The first official teaser poster for highly anticipated Twilight sequel The Twilight Saga: New Moon is now online. There were a bunch of fan-made New Moon posters that Screen Rant posted earlier this month, but you can trust us that this poster is the real deal.

The poster  prominently features the three main stars of New Moon, with heartthrob Robert Pattinson taking precedent over the other two. It doesn't give us much about the movie other than the central Bella/Edward/Jacob love triangle (playing to those rabid female fans out there...), but at least it's a start.

Check it out:

First official New Moon poster(Click for larger version)

If you want more than a poster for the film (although that huge version of it should be enough for now...) be sure to tune into the 2009 MTV Movie Awards on May 31st. Stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will appear live and in-person at the ceremony to present never-before-seen footage from New Moon.

New Moon is gearing up to be just as much, if not more of a hit than Twilight was last year. But remember just because there is a sizeable and, frankly, rabid fan base for the Twilight Saga books (mainly consisting of teenage girls), it takes more than that to make a film financially successful at the box office. Lucky for the filmmakers and the loyal fans, Twilight struck a cord with the general movie going public and made over $500 million worldwide, including DVD sales.

I fully admit that I really liked the first Twilight movie, and am not ashamed to admit I am looking forward to New Moon.

Though, maybe just a little more of the vampire mythology this time, eh guys?...

What are your thoughts on the first teaser poster for the Twilight sequel? Were you a fan of the first film and are you looking forward to this sequel?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is scheduled to be released on November 20th in the US, and November 27th in the UK this year.

Source: MTV

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