New Posters For 'Terminator Salvation,' 'Knowing' & 'Dark Mirror'

Today we have some new posters for three upcoming movies for your viewing pleasure: Terminator Salvation, Knowing and Dark Mirror. The first is a new John Connor-centric poster for Terminator Salvation. It's just one in a slew of other Terminator posters we've seen for the $200 million sci-fi/action sequel, but I'd say it's, like most of the rest of them, pretty damn sweet:

Ah, but is that REALLY Christian Bale? Nope, it's actually a poster for an action figure tied to the movie - but it'll fool you at first glance. If you want to see pics of the actual figure, click on the image above. [update] Conveniently, a new Terminator Salvation poster came out right after this - Check it out:

The second poster is for the upcoming Nicolas Cage thriller Knowing, a film which looks like The Number 23 meets Cage's own Next. This thing could go either way: disaster or fun entertainment...I suspect the former. Check the "meh" poster:

And the third is for Dark Mirror, a horror movie that's been around for a while (the first screenings were in summer 2007) but this one-sheet has just been released. So even though it's years old, the poster indicates it's still to come out in general release. And the poster is pretty cool (according to the official blog for the film it was director Pablo Proenza who designed it):

Terminator Salvation is scheduled to be released on May 21st in the US and June 25th in the UK, Knowing is released on March 20th in the US and March 25th in the UK, and Dark Mirror is scheduled for a Spring release this year. Source:

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