New Poster & Trailer For The Day The Earth Stood Still

This week, Fox released yet another trailer for next month's The Day the Earth Stood Still remake (is it already only a month away?). It feels like I've seen the entire movie now and this newest trailer seems to spoil some of it for me. In this one we see much more of Gort and we finally see Klaatu (Keanu Reeve's character) hanging out with Helen (Jennifer Connelly).

The last trailer from just two weeks ago was a lengthy five minutes and revealed Gort in full form for the first time - and the month before that we got a huge seven minute preview that aired with the Fringe pilot.

I really dug the very first trailer for this film, as it was mysterious and cryptic - but since then I've not been impressed with the follow-up promotional material. I get the feeling that Fox is heavily marketing this to force a good opening weekend as it will drop huge once word-of-mouth gets out about it.

This movie, along with The Spirit (which also had a new trailer this week) are being over-marketed in my opinion and I believe it's because the studios know they aren't great.

Even worse, the studios timed the release of these two trailers with the new Watchmen and Star Trek trailers that are debuting with Quantum of Solace this weekend - not a good idea.

Here's the trailer:


Also, we have the brand new poster for the film courtesy of Movies Online. The poster looks pretty cool to me with an Independence Day vibe but I still am not digging the giant sphere thing. I guess if they used UFOs instead it would be complete ripoff of Independence Day but with the title of a classic film.

I'm not sure what to expect from this film but I have a feeling that it will get poor reviews - yet I'm still going to see it, heh.

What do you think of the trailer? What do you expect of the film?

The Day the Earth Stood Still opens on December 12th.

Source: FilmoFilia

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