Poster Friday Pt.1: Avatar, The Road & Tons More!

Happy Friday everyone! For our first Friday of of the last month of 2009, and our biggest Poster Friday collection ever (separated into two parts), we’ve again gathered the latest posters to come out for this week’s poster round-up.

I took a holiday last weekend (a rare event) so that means Screen Rant’s wall this week now includes two weeks worth of new one-sheets separated among two posts. This set (part one) includes Star Trek, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, Cash, Main St., The Electric Slide, The Devil's Double, The Horseman, Nine, A Single Man, District 13: Ultimatum, The Road, The Lovely Bones, The Wolfman, Avatar, Greenberg and 44 Inch Chest.

We also have a little bonus for Thor.

Let’s get to it.

To start, here’s a cool looking retro poster for Star Trek featuring the original Enterprise that started it all. The image comes from Star Trek: Art of the Film.

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