The Post Trailer: Tom Hanks & Meryl Streep Battle Political Corruption

The first trailer for The Post, Steven Spielberg's latest historical drama, has been released online. Starring the likes of Oscar winners Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep (among others), the film is based on the true story of Washington Post journalists who exposed the Pentagon Papers - which were documents that detailed the United States' political and military involvement in Vietnam from a period of over two decades. They were noteworthy for illustrating secret bombings, raids, and other attacks America staged in the area (which were never reported in the media), revealing that the government had lied to the public.

Though the papers first gained widespread notoriety in a New York Times article, Spielberg's movie - judging from its title - concerns itself with Ben Bradlee (Hanks) and Katherine Graham's (Streep) fighting for their right to publish the content of the Pentagon Papers in their newspaper. The subject of the media battling against political corruption is quite timely due to the current climate, making The Post all the more anticipated. It remains one of the few Oscar contenders that have yet to be seen, but now viewers can get a taste of what's in store by watching a new preview. See it for yourself above, and then check out the poster in the space below:

The trailer does a nice job of setting up the main conflict in the film, centering on Bradlee and Graham's efforts to find the pages of the Pentagon Papers so they can expose the dishonest American government. As one can expect, those in Washington aren't exactly thrilled by the prospect of being outed, and the newspaper faces mounting pressure from President Richard Nixon while they forge ahead in pursuit of justice. The stakes are quite high, as the ultimate decision of whether to publish the content of the Papers or not could spell doom for the company. At one point, Bradlee says the Post employees could go to prison, but he's committed to uncovering the truth for the American people.

Interestingly enough, The Post has multiple connections to previous fact-based newspaper dramas. Co-writer Josh Singer received an Oscar a couple years ago for his work on Spotlight, making it all the more easier for cinephiles to draw parallels between the two (trading the Catholic church for the American government). The looming threat of Nixon harkens back to 1976's classic All the President's Men, which detailed Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's exposure of the Watergate scandal - something that Washington Post executive editor Bradlee oversaw. Jason Robards won an Academy Award for his performance as Bradlee in that film, so Hanks has a tall order to match up against. If the footage is any evidence, he was more than up to the task.

We're currently in the thick of Oscar season, and to date, no clear frontrunner has emerged on the awards circuit, leaving the race as open as it's been in years. With just about all the major categories up for grabs, The Post (considering it's of high quality) may be able to gain traction quickly and emerge as a key player. Given all the talent it has behind and in front of the camera, it wouldn't surprise anyone if The Post scored multiple nominations and took home some gold when it's all said and done.

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  • The Post (2017) release date: Dec 22, 2017
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