The 7 MillarWorld Projects Fans Most Want Netflix To Produce

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Ever since Netflix announced that it would be partnering up with Mark Millar to bring adaptations of his comics (along with new, Netflix-owned comics) fans have eagerly been awaiting the announcement of which of Millar’s project would hit screens first. With the recent announcement that several of Millar’s projects like Jupiter’s Legacy and Huck will be adapted into a series and film, respectively, along with a few others, fans seem eager for more. But what are some of Millar’s works that haven’t hadn’t their turn in that spotlight yet? Let’s take a close look at the iconic creator's work to see if we can identify the projects that are most likely to be adapted into a film or series.

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7 Wanted

Wanted Cover Mark Millar

Wanted may have already seen a film adaptation back in 2008 but after over a decade, there’s definitely more than a few excuses to dive back into a world where breaking the laws of physics to assassinate somebody is just another Tuesday. The original film was released fairly early on in the comic book movie craze, and a lot of concessions were made when it came to sticking to the Millar’s source material. A Netflix series that is given more time to explore Wesley’s backstory and expand upon his family history and the history of the fraternity could give fans of the comics series and original film a chance to get excited about a deep dive into the Millar-verse.

6 Nemesis

Long before Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo brought The Batman Who Laughs to life, Mark Millar dared to ask the question, “What if Batman was the Joker?” Nemesis, the titular supervillain, has the martial arts skills, the resources, the marksmanship, and free time to make both the world and the target of his obsession, police chief inspector Blake Morrow, quake in fear and anguish. The ending of the original series left so many questions unanswered, and ever since then, fans have been hoping for a chance to revisit a world where the supervillain experience is open and available to anyone. For a price. While a Netflix series would give the production team an opportunity to greatly expand upon the source material, a decent argument could also be made for a series of films. We’ll just have to wait and see what, if anything, Netflix decides to do with the property and its story that was seemingly left unfinished.  

5 Starlight

Mark Millar Starlight Cover

Starlight could have just as easily be called “Old Man Flash Gordon” and it would make just as much sense. What Millar did with Starlight was take the archetype of the classic young American hero venturing into space to save the galaxy, and imagined what happens when this intergalactic hero arrives home with absolutely no proof of his adventure. He then aged this man, who had become tired of trying to convince everyone of his heroism, about forty years. With his kids out of the house and his wife no longer with him, Duke McQueen receives his final call to action. Now if he could just remember where he put that darn spacesuit.

4 Supercrooks

Supercrooks is exactly the kind of deviation from the typical superhero tale that genre-fatigued audiences need. With Supercrooks, Millar takes to readers on a trip to see how the other side lives. Focusing mainly on Johnny Fulmine and his fellow superpowered do-badders, Millar’s series brings readers across the pond to Spain. A place far away from all those pesky American superheroes. Where criminals of the superpowered variety finally have the upper hand. Supercrooks is exactly the kind of genre-bender super-caper series that audiences have unknowingly been dying to see. And the good news is that it’s already in production in the form of an anime created by Bones studio.

3 Reborn


Reborn tells the story of Bonnie, an elderly woman who finds herself reborn into a new realm after passing away in a hospital on Earth. She soon discovers that in this new reality, good and evil are locked in a battle for the realm.

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The rules are pretty simple: If you had lived a good life, then you’re reborn fighting to the good guys. If not, well, guess who gets to fight those good guys. Netflix recently announced that this is another project that is already in production. Reborn will be a feature film produced by Sandra Bullock that should be hitting Netflix sometime this in 2019.

2 The Magic Order

The Magic Order focuses on a group of five magical families known as, you guessed it, The Magic Order. These families, much like many wizarding families, try to remain hidden and out of sight. They prefer to blend into their surrounding by day. And by night? Well, they fight the forces of evil, of course. However, when one of the families, the Moonstones, is attacked in their own home (a castle hidden in a painting, which can only be entered when invited in.) the search to discover the criminal responsible for the murder is on. But will The Magic Order be able to find out who’s responsible? And if they do, will they be prepared for the answers that come out? The Magic Order is actually the first MillarWorld comic owned by Netflix, so it’s possible we could see a feature film announcement sometime in the not too distant future.

1 Prodigy

Edison Crane is the result of Mark Millar doing his very best to tell the smartest story he can tell. Of course, in order to tell an intelligent story, you need a lead character capable of handling the journey ahead. From stopping an asteroid from striking the earth while checkmating seven different people simultaneously, to jumping over the grand canyon on a motorcycle while lit on fire, it seems like there’s nothing Edison Crane can’t do. Well, at least until an alternate dimension begins invading his version Earth. It sounds like Edison is going to have to clear some time on his schedule. Prodigy is the second of the MillarWorld comics that Netflix has published through Image. While we haven’t heard any official announcements from Netflix yet, it’s likely very Prodigy will end up being adapted for the platforms streaming service. However, much like some of the other projects on this list, we’ll just have to wait and see what Netflix decides to do with the property.

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