Possible First Look At Jesse Pinkman In Netflix's Breaking Bad Movie

Photos from a Breaking Bad-related charity drive may offer fans their first glimpse at Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman in Netflix's new movie El Camino. It's fitting that the streaming giant will play host to the Breaking Bad sequel film, as it was through Netflix that many fans first discovered the show. While critical darling Mad Men had fairly recently debuted, AMC wasn't quite the cable powerhouse it is now when Breaking Bad's 7-episode writers' strike-shortened debut season aired.

In fact, it was arguably Breaking Bad that really established AMC as a viable producer of original dramas, as Mad Men was never really a crossover pop culture hit, and The Walking Dead regularly experienced up-and-down levels of quality. Many would argue that Breaking Bad was great from the pilot onward, and even managed to stick the landing, airing one of the best series finales to date. Breaking Bad's rise to the top may never have happened without Netflix though, as more streaming re-run converts would tune into AMC's fresh broadcasts the following season.

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Since Breaking Bad signed off in 2013, creator Vince Gilligan and many of the cast and crew from that series have went on to make another hit out of spinoff Better Call Saul, although not quite to the same degree of popularity. One question has stayed on the minds of fans for the past six years, however, and that's what happened to Jesse Pinkman after he rode off into the unknown. Next month, that question will be answered, and now fans may have their first peek at what Jesse looks like currently. The below photos were taken to promote an Omaze charity drive tied to El Camino, and it's not clear if Paul is "in character" in them or not, but the clothes he's wearing certainly wouldn't look out of place on Jesse.

Fans will recognize that Paul (or perhaps Jesse) is standing in front of the iconic Breaking Bad RV in photo one, and inside it in photo two. That vehicle served as Jesse and Walter White's mobile meth lab in the early seasons of Breaking Bad, although it's unclear if Jesse will encounter it again in El Camino. One would hope Jesse doesn't end up back in the meth business again, after his harrowing experiences in the drug game the first time around, including being taken prisoner and tortured.

The Omaze charity contest in question allows the winner to attend the Los Angeles red carpet premiere of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, meet and get photos with Paul and Gilligan, and then of course be among the first to see the film. One wonders if Bryan Cranston will also attend the festivities, although it's still unconfirmed if he'll even appear in El Camino. Walter White apparently met his demise at the end of Breaking Bad, but he could certainly appear in flashback or a dream sequence if Cranston was willing. Still though, this will be Jesse's story, and fans can't wait to see where he ended up.

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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie premieres on Netflix on October 11.

Source: Omaze

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