Pose: The 10 Wildest Moments From The First Season

Pose is a fairly new show on FX about ball culture, and it is full of crazy, jaw-dropping scenes. Here are the top ten wild moments from Pose!

The FX drama Pose is the most trail-blazing, game-changing show on TV. It focuses on the ballroom culture of the LGBTQ community in New York during the late ‘80s, early ‘90s. The battle among the various houses for ballroom supremacy often leads to hilarious, yet emotional moments for the show’s characters.

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Fans of the series have gotten used to the unexpected nature of the show, but what keeps us coming back is that even the most out-there moments are always driven by deeply emotional decisions. We are talking about the 10 craziest, “that just happened,” scenes from season one of Pose.

10 Matt And Stan's Fight

Regular guy Stan wants to be a big deal finance executive, so he gets a job with The Trump Organization. His boss Matt, played by James Van Der Beek, is threatened by Stan’s small success, and tells his wife about Stan’s mistress.

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This leads to them getting into a fist fight in the middle of the office. Unfortunately for Stan, he loses in embarrassing fashion. This just adds to Stan’s downfall, with his wife separating from him and his dreams of being a big shot over before they began.

9 Matt Hits On Patty

Matt loses his mind when Stan puts an idea in front of the higher ups. Not being able to let it go, Matt tells Stan’s wife Patty all about his mistress. In the process, he kisses Patty and she immediately shuts him down.

What makes this scene so memorable, is that the underestimated Patty is not at all taken in by Matt’s fake charm and shuts him down with shade that Elektra would be proud of. She insults his kissing prowess and lets him know how unimpressed she is, shattering a man with Matt’s ego.

8 Elektra At Indochine

After her fall from grace, Elektra needs to find a way to get back on her feet and find her strength again. Blanca helps her get a job at fancy restaurant Indochine. Elektra is reluctant at first, but then Blanca explains she just needs to “be rude and look pretty.”

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When a group dares to show up without reservations, she gives them the full Elektra Abundance treatment, which clearly these out of towners are not at all ready for. It was a fantastic way to show she was back in fighting shape, following a heartbreaking opening montage of her at rock bottom.

7 Stan's Job Interview

James Van Der Beek plays Matt as the stereotypical 1980s scumbag finance executive. He’s a brash jerk, who says and does whatever he wants. It’s amazing to see Van Der Beek play against the heartthrob type that everyone remembers him as.

When Stan shows up for his interview, Matt instantly lets him know what it’s going to be like to work for him. Matt arrogantly talks about how great his life is and does drugs during the interview. Honestly, to viewers who were around in the ‘80s, this isn’t that shocking.

6 Patty Confronts Angel

The wildest thing about this scene is that it’s not the usual wife vs. mistress screaming match. Patty and Angel actually understand each other in a way no one else can, because they’re in love with the same weak manchild. They agree that Stan doesn’t know who he is, which affects his relationships with them.

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The work from Kate Mara and Indya Moore here is just spectacular. The way Mara plays Patty’s shock at finding out Angel is transgender is balanced against Moore’s defiant statement of her experience and limitations. It’s like watching an amazing tennis match.

5 Elektra Steals From The Salvation Army

Once she makes the decision to have gender confirmation surgery, Elektra is faced with how to pay for it. As any true mother would, she gets help from her kids Candy and Lulu. Of course, they think this is about them having a nice Christmas.

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The trio expertly sets up a Salvation Army Santa with distraction, before tackling him to the ground, then making off with a bucket full of donations. To add to the craziness of this scheme, Elektra takes the money and pays for the down payment on her surgery. Frankly, we’re not surprised and Candy and Lulu shouldn’t be either.

4 Blanca Kicks Out Papi

From the moment she started her house, Blanca has been all about supporting her children and keeping them in line. We knew she was serious about her rules, but we always assumed she was the type to give second and third chances.

She proved us all wrong when she kicked Papi out for selling drugs. Though she was trying to save him, her tough love nearly tore Evangelista apart. Luckily for everyone, the duo made up and Papi is back where he belongs and more loyal to Blanca than ever.

3 Candy Fights A Judge

Candy Ferocity is never at a loss for words and has no problem demanding what she deserves. All she’s ever wanted is to be a star in the ballroom. In the season one finale, Evangelista is winning all the trophies, which Candy won’t stand for.

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At her wits end, and not leaving without a trophy, she enters a category she doesn’t belong in, then gets into it with Pray Tell and the judges.The insults and weapons come out, in what is one of Candy’s best and most memorable moments.

2 Elektra Takes Down Candy And Lulu

No one knows your insecurities like family, though Elektra takes things to a whole new level when she reads Candy and Lulu at the Princess Ball. To thank Blanca for saving her when she needed it most, Elektra formally joins the House of Evangelista, but first she handles some unfinished business.

“You think you're on the road to being legends, but you couldn't make it from here to the door without me pointing the way.” With those words, and others that belong in the shade hall of fame, Elektra destroys Candy and Lulu for the entire ball to see and enjoy.

1 Elektra Gets Arrested

No matter the genre or hype, every show is defined by its opening scenes. Pose tells the world exactly who it is right from the start. To win the royalty category, the House of Abundance, led by Elektra heads to a museum for an up close look at some regal finery.

The house steals the exhibits from the museum and kills the ballroom, with Elektra as a 1980s Marie Antoinette. Just as she’s collecting her trophies, the police show up and she gets arrested like only a true queen can. Just like that we knew everything we needed to know and were hooked.

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