Did Pornstache Return In Orange Is The New Black Season 5?

George Mendez is a hateful Corrections Officer who served as a villain for the first two seasons, but did "Pornstache" return for Orange Is The New Black season 5? Orange Is The New Black became an instant success when it debuted on Netflix in 2013. The series follows Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Schilling (Argo), who is sent to prison for helping her former girlfriend Alex transport a suitcase full of drug money.

Orange Is The New Black deals with Piper's struggle to fit into her new environment, including being reunited with Alex, played by Laura Prepon (That 70's Show), who is responsible for her sentence. The show's impeccable writing and great cast, including Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll) and Taryn Manning, made it essential viewing and the series will come to an end with the forthcoming seventh season.

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One of the main villains of Orange Is The New Black season 1 was prison guard George Mendez, played by Pablo Schreiber (Den Of Thieves). Mendez is a complicated character, seeing himself as something of a ladies man looking for love - when in fact he a sociopath and predator who abuses his position in exchange for sexual favors. One of his most distinctive features is the creepy mustache he maintains, which earned him the nickname "Pornstache."

Pablo Schreiber Orange is the New Black

Pornstache later falls in love with inmate Daya Diaz, after she manipulates him into sex, and later falsely claims he's the father of her baby. This leads to him being fired and sent to prison but he's still in love with Daya and wants to name their baby Stan. He's later seen during Orange Is The New Black season 3 when his mother Delia Powell, played by Mary Steenburgen (The Last Man On Earth), visits and tries to convince him Daya's baby isn't actually his. Mendez has shaved off the mustache in prison and utterly refuses to believe its not his baby. Delia offers to raise Daya's child but she's later told the baby died during birth.

Pablo Schreiber briefly returned as "Pornstatche" during Orange Is The New Black season 5, when Daya changes her mind, calling Delia to offer up her baby for adoption. Mendez is with Delia when the call comes through but he isn't allowed to talk to Daya since he's still on probation. He cries when he realizes his baby is alive and Delia agrees to raise the baby.

It's fair to say Mendez still doesn't realize Daya's baby isn't actually his, but still sees raising the child as his chance for redemption. There's a chance Pornstache could also return for Orange Is The New Black's final season too, to see how he's getting on with fatherhood.

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