10 Pieces Of Wall Art Every Pop Culture Fan Should Own

With home decor items centered around pop culture, fans can show off their interest in certain movies, television shows, music, books, fictional worlds and characters. One of the easiest ways to do this is with art, as it can be hung up, set out, propped up and swapped out in a simple way. 

From minimalist prints and graphic posters to unique pieces that feature quotes, blueprints and locations from shows and films, these 10 pieces of art are super cool. And depending on someone’s passions and style, they may be just the thing that is needed to finish off a certain space or room.

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10 Tribute to The Shining


The Shining was first written by Stephen King, and Stanley Kubrick made it into a movie starring Jack Nicholson in 1980. This minimalist print is a tribute to that version of this spooky story. In the front and center, there is a typewriter, since Nicholson’s character, Jack Torrance, was a writer.

The paper inside this device has a series of red lines on it, which echo the hedge maze that is a very iconic aspect of this movie. These lines are also dripping down in an eerie way, since there are some pretty disturbing scenes in the tale, which horror fans love!

9 Game Of Thrones Locations


Up next is a pop culture reference that many will surely recognize and appreciate… Different spots made famous through Game Of Thrones, such as King’s Landing, The Wall and Winterfell, are all listed out on this metal poster. Each location has an arrow pointing people in the right direction, as well as a corresponding symbol, such as a castle, a sword and a sun.

This television series is one of the most popular ones ever, and fans can honor the story and pretend that they are on their way to these legendary places with this piece of art. 

8 Vandelay Industries 


As fans of Seinfeld know, Vandelay Industries is not a real place of business. No, George Costanza made it up during an interview, which is such a George Costanza thing to do. Only those who are very familiar with this popular comedy TV show will catch this reference, which is printed on a high-quality metal poster.

It is durable, it is bright, and it would add a pop to any space, whether it be a living room where this series is watched or an office that could use some humor in it. 

7 Friends Quote 


One of the most celebrated shows of all time is Friends, and it has one of the most known theme songs of all time, as well. That song’s title, "I’ll Be There For You", is written in the same font as this television show’s title, with the fun and little colored dots in between each of the letters.

It is printed on a poster that is made out of metal, and it would be the perfect thing to give a true friend as a gift, especially with the holiday season coming up soon!

6 Wise Words From The Office 


Another wildly celebrated comedy series is The Office, and it is full of quotable lines and hilarious scenes. Some of the best ones are all printed out on this metal poster… Just take a look!

There are references to prison dementors, Bob Vance, a three-hole punch, pretzel day and Big Tuna, which the average person may not get but which will surely cause a fan of this series to start laughing, as they remember the exact moment the words were said. It is hard to imagine a piece of art that better celebrates these people and points in time!

5 Millennium Falcon 


A one-of-a-kind way to show off a passion for the Star Wars franchise is with a blueprint; this story is full of neat vehicles, and the most popular one is the Millennium Falcon. This metal poster is full of awesome and authentic details about how this ship was crafted and created.

It would brighten up any space, especially a media room (above a collection of these films), a living room (next to the TV that plays these films) or a bedroom (that is full of other references to these films). 

4 Stan Lee Quote


There are so many beloved comic books that have been turned into adored shows and films through and from Marvel -- they are truly unmatched right now. And the man behind it all was Stan Lee, who is honored with this bright and bold piece of art.

It even has a quote from one of his stories, which is referenced all the time: “With great power comes great responsibility". Fans of his work sort of have to have this cool metal poster in their homes (so remember, again, that the holiday season of gifting will be here before we know it)!

3 Pulp Fiction 


Those who are into minimalism and Pulp Fiction may want to consider this next metal poster; it displays a memorable scene from this film, in a very unique way. It also has the title of the movie up at the top of it, in case some people are not sure what it is referencing!

Any piece of pop culture art is going to add to a space, especially one that is so bright and colorful. Plus, since this is made out of metal, it will last for years to come and make a true statement wherever it is hung. 

2 Jaws 1975 Movie Poster 


Everyone will surely automatically recognize this movie mention! This poster is a copy of the original one that advertised the Jaws film in 1975, so it has a retro vibe to it. It also mentions that this was a terrifying motion picture and that it starred people like Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss, which are some fun references to put on display.

This image, with the shark swimming up to the surface of the water, towards a swimmer, is such a classic one, and movie buffs would enjoy adding this to their collections. 

1 Rocky 


For a really cool way to show off a known film, there are styles such as this one. It is made of metal. It is a tribute to Rocky (the character and the film franchise). It has a neutral design in black and white. It is authenticated with a signature and a hologram.

And it is actually pretty inspiring, as it will remind people of this story and to not stop fighting, no matter what. Yes, any Rocky fan should definitely hang this up in their home, to show off their love for this flick and to motivate themselves and others!

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