Pompeii Film Implodes?

Looks like delays stemming from a potential labor strike (according to IMDb) or the size of the production (according to other news reports) have caused the $130 million-budgeted film adaptation of Robert Harris' Pompeii novel, to lose director Roman Polanksi. No matter the reason, the film was delayed and Polanski says his schedule doesn't permit him to continue as director.

I will admit, I have a soft spot for Dante's Peak. Yes, I know. Why, you ask? Well, because it was mindless fun! That film and Twister, too. So anyway, when I heard Polanski (not who I'd expect for a film like this) was gearing up to helm the Pompeii movie, I was excited and intrigued.

I first thought the movie would be something like Titanic: love story set against a disaster. Nope, it's actually a thriller set against a disaster. Below, I provide a link to the IMDb info on the film, so you can see more details. With Orlando Bloom and Scarlett Johansson rumored to star in this adaptation of Harris' novel, I was ready for an intelligent film with mind-blowingly awesome visual effects!

Sadly, we won't see Polanski's take on the film; perhaps Dante's Peak's Roger Donaldson is available? He's done a few intelligent films (Thirteen Days) and some that aren't (Species). One has to wonder if the movie might be pushed back further if the potential actor, director and writer strikes happen next spring.

Source: IMDb

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