'Poltergeist' Remake Images; Trailer Debuts Tomorrow

A haunted TV in the Poltergeist remake

They were here, they went away away for a few decades and now they're here again. Classic horror movie Poltergeist is the latest bit of spooky nostalgia to get the 21st century remake treatment. In this new film, Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie Witt play the parents of the Bowen family, whose fresh start in a new house goes horribly awry when their young daughter, Madison, is abducted by supernatural forces.

Those who are ready to dismiss Poltergeist out of hand due to its status as a remake should at least hold off until tomorrow, when the first trailer for the movie will debut. This modern update was directed by Gil Kenan (Monster House) and produced by Sam Raimi, who recently produced a pretty decent remake of his own classic horror film The Evil Dead.

"It's such an emotional story at the core. Parents fighting to get their child back from the beyond," Kenan said in an interview with USA Today. "The film is super-scary. And it's scary on its own terms." When asked about the tone of the movie, Rockwell has described it as being more of a kids' movie and offering different types of scares than can be found in movies like The Conjuring. Poltergeist's PG-13 rating suggests that blood and gore won't be major factors in the horror.

The USA Today interview was accompanied by the first official stills from Poltergeist, which reveal the return of the infamous evil clown doll as well as Madison's encounters with "the TV people." To make matters worse, the TV is widescreen this time.


Poltergeist - Evil clown doll

Poltergeist - Madison and the TV people

Poltergeist - Madison at the TV

Poltergeist - Madison Bowen

Poltergeist - Rosemarie DeWitt

Poltergeist - The Bowens try to get Madison back


As might be expected, the proliferation of screens in modern life have only made the poltergeist situation worse, as everything from paying the household bills to calling the police to report a missing child involves can now involve looking at a screen. Raimi explains that this allows the remake to expand on the horror at the heart of the original film.

"The original film commented on how we've let television get out of control, babysitting our kids. It's only gotten worse with the handheld portable devices. Screens are everywhere."

What kind of world is it where kids can't even play a nice game of Angry Birds without risking possession by supernatural beings from other dimensions? New additions aside, the official stills indicate that we're going to see a lot of scenes from the first film re-enacted, but that doesn't mean that Poltergeist won't change things up in a similar way to Evil Dead.

Poltergeist is set for release on July 24th, 2015.

Source: USA Today

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