Polar Ending Explained: What Happens In The Netflix Movie (& What It Means)

Mads Mikkelsen in Netflix thriller Polar.

Why Didn't Duncan Kill Vivian In Polar?

Polar is a complicated story about grief, redemption, and moving on, but "complex relationships" is no doubt one of its more potent themes. As an example, take Duncan's relationship with Vivian. Despite the fact that they hardly share any screen time, there's evident history between the two, and it stirs up some complex unpredictability. On one hand, Vivian appears to show sympathy towards Duncan; on the other hand, she treats their relationship as a work relationship, and it's suggested that what seems like sympathy is actually fear. She understands the lengths to which Duncan is willing to go when he's wronged, and she does her best to prevent Blut from getting on Duncan's bad side.

The fact that she's clearly willing to let Duncan die is confirmed when she tricks him, tracking his phone to an abandoned warehouse. She's unaware (or is she?) that he anticipated the deception, and her deceit ironically paved the way for Duncan's ultimate victory; but their final conversation still adds some weight to the feelings they clearly seem to have for each other. After wiping out Blut's guards, killing Vivian would be effortless; and yet, he lets her live.

There is clearly more to Duncan and Vivian's relationship than they let on in Polar, but it's more implied than discussed. Still, keeping her alive proves two things: she's correct that Duncan is getting soft; and there's more to explore about their relationship - for better or worse - if Polar manages to secure a sequel.

Will There Be Polar 2?

Polar graphic novel

Speaking of a sequel for Polar, there is plenty more story for future films to cover, assuming it turns out to be a success for Netflix. In fact, though this film can easily work as a standalone open-and-shut narrative, it also doubles as a kind of origin story for Duncan and Camille's relationship. It paves the way for a broader storyline that would allow the two characters to work side-by-side, without the pretenses.

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As for any word on an official Polar sequel, nothing has been revealed yet. That said, the film's director Jonas Åkerlund spoke with Screen Rant about the possibility of a sequel and what he would like to see in it. He explained that Polar predominantly adapts the first book in Víctor Santos' graphic novel series - though he also borrows slightly from the sequels while also adding some original material - and that there is plenty more story to tell if given the opportunity.

If a Polar 2 were to receive a greenlight, it would likely follow Duncan and Camille's journey to find the person who ordered the hit on her father, while also building on their complicated love/hate relationship. There are also plenty of characters who could work their way into their journey, including Vivian, a retired assassin named Porter (Richard Dreyfuss) who still has ties to Blut's organization, The Damocles Agency, and Damocles' affiliates. The graphic novel's sequel, Polar: An Eye for an Eye, centers around a femme fatale character seeking revenge, which lends more weight to the fact that a movie sequel to Polar would likely lean into Camille's combative side - assuming Duncan will have trained her considerably between the two films.

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Polar is currently streaming on Netflix.

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