15 Insane Things You Had No Idea You Could Do In Pokémon Yellow

The first generation of Pokémon games for Gameboy are some of the greatest RPGs ever made for the console (and in our opinion, in general). There's no equal feeling when it comes to setting out into the world, your Pikachu hot at your heels, and the endless seas of long grass waiting to be paced back in forth in, as you brutally smash Pidgeys into gooey stains.

While the original entries in the series Red and Blue were both fine games, the Generation I entries really came into their own with Pokémon Yellow, a game that took the incredibly successful formula of the first two entires and linked it back to the wildly popular anime.

The game was awesome, and even had quite a few little tricks up its sleeve to differentiate it from its predecessors. It had a hidden mini game that required cross linking between your Gameboy and an N64, the mystery of the S.S. Queen Anne truck, and the ability to turn your weenie Pikachu into a Raichu all slapped on one yellow Gameboy cartridge.

So grab your Pokéballs, get ready to log into Bill's PC, and prepare to enter the glitchy abyss that waits behind the thin veil of the digital world, because here are the 15 Things You Had No Idea You Could Do In Pokémon Yellow

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15 A Mew Trick

There was a time when the first generation of Pokémon games came out and talk of a legendary creature stirred around circles of kids with Gameboys glued to their faces. Apparently, there was a way to get Mew, the Pokémon to end all Pokémon, in the game.

There were a host of bizarre rituals associated with this, but there is one that actually works-- the Mew trick. In order to obtain Mew, you essentially fly all over the place after making the game soft freeze by pausing right before a trainer is able to notice you.

The game will get all sorts of wacky as you fly all over the map, but the pause menu will pop up by itself after you've entered certain parts of the game. Once you un-pause you go right into a battle against the God of all Pokémon, which sorta looks like a poached egg with a tail in retrospect. This trick also works in Red and Blue for those that go old(er) school.

14 Glitch City

There are places that exist in the world that are not meant to be experienced by mortal senses; they defy all reason and logic, turning the rules of reality on their head. In the real world, most people call this place New Jersey. In the world of Pokémon, it's known as Glitch City.

To get to glitch city, aspiring trainers have to abuse the front gate of the Safari Zone by saving and reseting their game right after they enter it. You'll be able to leave the Safari Zone, and wander around freely, until you hit 500 steps.

The game, still thinking you're in the Safari Zone, will blow the whistle to let you know your time is up, and transport you back to the Safari Zone entrance.

When you exit, you'll find yourself in the twisted hell scape of Glitch City. The world is overrun  with nonsensical code and sprites, and navigation follows no rules. To end your rapidly spiraling acid trip, you either have to fly or teleport out of it.

13 Bill's PC Does Weird Stuff

Leveling your Pokémon is one of the most rewarding aspects of the Pokémon series of games; players can be treated to an epic (for the time), evolution animation, a new form, and some awesome new moves to beat the snot out of other Pokémon with.

On the other hand, leveling up can also be a real pain in the butt grind fest, especially if you're playing the game for the 3ooth hour, or 300th time. If you don't feel like putting in the work, you can always use the box trick.

The box trick revolves around fighting a certain number of battles, and then placing a Pokémon into a PC's storage box and taking them back out a certain number of times. This will cause the game to replace the Pokémon's previous stats with a higher number, negating hours of grinding.

12 The Mysterious S.S. Anne Truck

Remember when we said that gamers who played the Gen I Pokémon games were really into trying to find the infamous 151st Pokémon Mew to their Pokédex? Well, we weren't exaggerating-- gamers were so hard pressed to find it that a whole legend popped up around a truck parked on the dock alongside the S.S. Anne, the massive cruise ship you fight a whole bunch of trainers on.

Legend has it that Mew was under the truck, if you could just figure out how to move it. Regardless of what your friend's cousin said, he didn't find Mew under there, since the truck is unmovable. However, with some glitching wizardry, you can get "in" the truck, but nothing happens.

The developers gave gamers a nod in later versions by throwing an item in that area, but it will never fill the gap of time we wasted trying to find Mew on that dang dock.

11 Finding The Original 3 Starters

Almost every gamer who played the original generation of Pokémon games holds a special place in their heart for the original three starters in the Red/Blue versions of the game. They often became your go to combatant and buddy, at least on your first play through.

In Yellow, however, gamers are forced to start with Pikachu, who remains visibly on your heels for the entirety of the game (as long as it's in your party).

For those who want to live out the good old days, and play with one, or all three, of the original starters from Red and Blue, they don't have to look very hard-- all three starters are offered up by NPCs in the game, who make references to episodes of the anime that the starters starred in.

It's cool that the developers threw it in as a nod, and even cooler that you can obtain a Squirtle who was part of the kick-butt Squirtle Squad.

10 Beat The Game In 0:00

Most journeys in the world of Pokémon are lengthy affairs, fraught with hardships and wonder; a one of a kind experience where your tools function as more than a means to an end, and you discover the true determination that burns brightly in your soul when you're dedicated enough. Or, you just cheese the game and beat it in 0:00, never having to leave the starting house.

This is a real weird one that exists solely so that you can tell fellow gamers that you were able to do it, as opposed to it actually giving you any enjoyment from playing the game.

Through a series of precisely timed reset and save glitches, coupled with switching invisible Pokémon and throwing out items, you can trick the game into thinking you've beaten it.

Out the front door of the starting house, and right into the hall of fame. Was it worth it? Considering how you now have more time to play other games, we'd say so.

9 Invulnerable Pokémon

There are few feelings as draining as when a Pokémon faints-- that's not just a lightbulb with a bunch of hair glued to it fainting out there, that's your friend, and he deserves to be treated as such.

What if there was a way to render your Pokémon invulnerable, so that you would never have to make another trip to the Pokécenter again?

By having a Pokémon use fly or dig, and becoming paralyzed while in the air or underground, they will finish their attack, and won't take damage until the battle is over, or they're switched out with another Pokémon.

There isn't much that they can do, but still, they can serve as a punching bag for the other team while you get your shabby strategy back in order.

8 Walking Through Walls

There are a few obstacles in the Pokémon games that are downright frustrating-- why can't you simply push your way pass that puny sapling or just jump over that waist high fence? Well, with this little touch of glitched out magic, you can.

This involves summoning power with saves and a poisoned Pokémon in the most unholy of places: the Safari Zone. Through a series of different save glitches, and walking exactly 500 steps, having the 500th step be mid-ledge jump, the game will register you as still being in midair when you get magically summoned back to the Safari Zone's entrance.

Once you exit, you'll notice that you are levitating, rendering the walls and obstacles of the game world useless.

There isn't much to really see beyond the boundaries of the game world, but it is still a cool, if obnoxiously precise, trick to pull off.

7 Raddest Pikachu Minigame Ever

The great thing about the older Pokémon games was how awesome they were. In addition to Red, Blue, and Yellow on the Gameboy, the likes of games like Pokemon Stadium existed on the N64.

In the days before the iron fist rule of DLC, developers would actually hide secrets in games that weren't locked behind pay walls (unless you consider buying another quality game a pay wall).

By meeting a certain list of specific conditions in Stadium, you'll be rewarded with a Pikachu that knows surf, and can be transferred to your copy of Yellow. Take that surfing Pikachu to a certain house on the beach on Gameboy, and you'll be able to play a super rad minigame involving a surfing Pikachu.

You can even print out your high score on a Gameboy printer.

6 Get A Raichu (Against Pikachu's Wishes)

For those who have ventured into Pokémon Yellow, you'll no doubt know that Pikachu is a serious butt munch-- aside from having a happiness meter, the little yellow ball of suck also refuses any attempts for you to use a thunder stone on him, forcing him to evolve into a Raichu.

Even if you fight constantly with him, Pikachu will refuse to evolve into his superior form, leaving you with one of the series most annoying creatures as your sole (visible) companion.

Except there is totally a way to make Pikachu evolve-- trade him to someone else. See, when your boring Pikachu ventures over to a copy of Blue or Red, he doesn't have a choice-- dude is evolving whether he wants to or not.

We guess the laws in the world of Blue and Red are a little bit more archaic when it comes to pocket monsters' rights.

5 Night Vision

The Gameboy was a revolution in portable gaming-- it gave gamers the ability to take a massive library of games on the go in their pocket. Then, the Gameboy Color showed up on the scene, and the world of portable gaming changed forever-- especially Pokémon Yellow. 

You know how impossible it is to get through dark areas of the game without one of your Pokémon knowing flash? Well worry no more, the Gameboy Color's color scheme set up allowed trainers to have serious night vision for pesky dark areas.

By changing the color palette to a specific setting, the Flash ability is virtually useless, meaning that the Gameboy Color came with built in night vision, at least for Yellow. Take that, Rock Tunnel.

4 Bill's Invisible PCs

Designing a game is hard work, and sometimes designers have to block out some time in their schedules to fit in the important things, like eating and bathing.

In the case of the Pokemon Yellow designers, they may have wanted to hit the bar a bit too eagerly, as they left a little piece of code in that stands as evidence of their lazy ways.

You may have noticed that certain buildings in Yellow closely resemble the Poké Centers found in every town in the game, mostly because the designers took that floor plan and applied different textures and sprites to it to make different buildings.

It seems that they may have forgotten to take the PCs out of those building however; if you interact with the right corner that the PC is usually in in the Poké Center in the copycat buildings, you'll be able to access the menu, even though their isn't any PC to be found.

3 Catch Safari Zone Pokemon Outside Of The Safari Zone

This little trick is applicable in all of the Generation I Pokémon games, and is especially awesome if you also share the opinion that trying to catch a worthwhile Pokémon with a safari ball is essentially like using a wet pancake-- it's incredibly difficult and almost impossible.

This glitch follows the same steps as the infamous Missingno. glitch, except you use the Safari Zone (seriously, what is up with that place?).

Enter and exit the Safari Zone, then fly to that familiar piece of coastal real estate outside Cinnabar Island, and cruise along the coastline close to the shore. Safari Zone Pokémon will begin to po[p up, and you'll be able to use regular Pokéballs to catch them.

2 Play With Pikachu's Emotions

An addition to Pokémon Yellow from its predecessors is your very own Pikachu that follows you around, and even has its own personality, meaning that, like most of the people you know, it will slowly come to resent you as time goes on.

However, if you don't want to wait that long, you can always abuse Pikachu's emotion meter to make him instantly love or hate you.

If you want your Pikachu to swoon for you, just keep spamming it with a potion while it has full health. Even though it doesn't have any effect on its well being, emotionally it'll become entirely dependent on you.

If you want it to hate you, simply trade it away and then trade hiitm back. It knows that it's unwanted, and certainly worth more than a damn Rattata.

1 ZZAZZ Glitch (Or Welcome To The Void)

Did you ever just want to watch the veil of reality burn away, drifting into the winds of glitchy oblivion? Then the ZZAZZ glitch in Pokémon Yellow is for you.

The glitch is enabled by causing the game to malfunction when doing some behind the scene multiplication with the money you earn after a battle.

Once that happens, you get an experience that looks a whole lot like the screen shot above. When the ZZAZZ glitch takes effect, kiss your save file goodbye, as it will be hopelessly corrupted by this game file-ruining hiccup.

The glitch will transport you to a twisted world, where the Pokémon sprites are warped, trainers face the wrong way during battle, and the world mostly communicates with the player through gibberish and numbers. Who said that Pokémon can't be mind melting?


Can you think of any other amazing things you can do in Pokémon Yellow? Let us know in the comments!

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