Twitch Will Stream Every Pokemon Episode & Movie Starting Next Week

Twitch announces that, starting next week, they are going to stream every single episode of Pokemon, as well as all of the movies. The Pokemon anime series first aired way back in 1997; over 1,000 episodes, as well as 16 movies and a hugely successful video game franchise, have been released since Ash overslept on the day he was supposed to collect his very first Pokemon.

Pokemon has enjoyed success across several platforms ever since Satoshi Tajiri came up with the idea for the franchise's first two video games - Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red. Now, 23 years since the first game was released, Twitch has decided to pay their respects to the franchise by streaming every Pokemon episode and movie as part of what they are calling their "biggest marathon yet."

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On their official blog, Twitch revealed that the marathon will start airing over at twitchpresents/ at 10am PT on August 27. They're planning on running the first 19 seasons of the show, as well as all 16 movies. The marathon will be accessible to people all over the world, as it will be streamed in six different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Ash and Pikachu scared in Pokemon

To make things even more interesting, Twitch has decided to add an interesting and unique feature to the marathon, which they have called, "Twitch Presents: Pokemon Badge Collector". This feature invites the viewer to partake in a competition, in which the objective is to catch as many on-screen Pokemon as possible. In order to stand a chance, viewers will have to tune in to as much of the marathon as possible, as there will definitely be some dedicated fans out there trying their luck at becoming a Pokemon Master. Twitch has also announced that there may be a few rare Pokemon up for grabs, too - but they should be pretty easy to catch, if you know what you're doing.

Each week will feature a run of episodes airing from Monday to Thursday, which will run again each Friday and Saturday for anybody who missed out. Every Sunday, Twitch will stream one of the 16 movies at 10am PT. Twitch plans to run this marathon for a gargantuan 10 months, which Pokemon fans all over the world will be delighted to hear. Also, don't forget that the developers of Pokemon: GO! are working on an animated Netflix series, and that the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie is set to release in 2019.

If you're interested in watching the marathon, or partaking in the Pokemon Badge Collector tournament, tune in from August 27 at 10am PT, and prepare for 10 months of Pokemania!

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