19 Things You Never Noticed In Pokemon

Pokémon was created back in 1995 by master trainer Satoshi Tajiri. The franchise focuses on the interactions between humans and Pokémon in this seemingly peaceful world. The rights for the franchise are owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. Originally, Game Freak created the first and most classic pair of Game Boy games that would launch the series; Pokémon Red and Blue. Creatures was responsible for the trading cards that we all know and cherished as kids. All around these three companies own the rights to the second highest selling video game franchise of all time.

The game series is currently on its seventh generation with the release of 2016's Sun and Moon, bringing the Pokémon species count to around 806. Even though the game is generally targeted at kids, we all know that as adults we still can't get enough and we never have. Of course, the same makers are aware of this and have stacked the games, TV show, and movies with inappropriate jokes, Pokémon, among various other darker things. Here are 19 things you never noticed or never knew about Pokémon.

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19 The Resident Gym Creep

From the very first Pokémon game to the most recent, there has always been a creepy old man who hangs out around the gym. If you go talk to him, he likes to comment on how the gyms are full of pretty women. Seriously?

That's probably the number one reason why so many women would rather go to female only gyms, as no one wants someone staring at them when they are trying to workout.

This peeping tom definitely isn't one of Pokémon's better qualities and you would think that someone would do something about him. Are there any police in these towns? There could be but they must be pretty or scarce or very busy with Team Rocket's antics. With that being said, it's pretty sweet that Pokémon has gyms full of bad ass female trainers.

18 Miltank

This is a pretty ...interesting looking Pokémon in the first place, but the tv show brings it to a whole new level. Miltank is pretty much just a female cow, it can only be female and is thought to be the counterpart to Tauros. This adorable little Pokémon can produce up to five gallons of milk per day and the milk is super nutritious, so it's great for healing Pokémon and people alike.

It's not so much the actual Pokémon that's inappropriate, it's mostly the really cringeworthy milking scenes in the tv show. There is a scene of Professor Oak very cheerily milking his Miltank. There was an episode titled "Got Miltank" that had a Meowth and Cyndaquil drinking directly from the source, seeming very into it. It's a pretty weird scene if you're a kid and absolutely hilarious if you're an adult, but alas, the scene was removed from the English version of the show.

17 Press A To Pound

Again most of this stuff would go right over a kid's head, but to any teenager or adult it's pretty funny. In 2016's Pokémon Sun & Moon you are challenged to a cooking trial by a character named Mallow, resulting in the summoning of a Totem Pokémon. After you collect all the required ingredients, you are asked to pound them together. Of course, this was immediately made into a 'Press A to pound' meme, but the game actually asked you to "press a to pound the ingredients together'.

Still, it doesn't really help that when you finish mashing all these ingredients together, a gooey, weird smelling substance fills your screen that's an innuendo in itself.

This joke seems a little too perfect to have been put in by accident, but then again sometimes accidents make the best jokes. The meme came about by a 4chan user and was later accompanied by some pretty odd versions that some depraved fanboys made up.

16 Where Do I Put My Poké Balls?

A fair question, but unquestionably a crass joke. In older versions and most recently in Pokémon Omega Ruby, you can come across a female swimmer while travelling around. If you go talk to her she won't ask you to battle, instead she'll let you in on her 'women's secret.' This is probably the most obvious innuendo in any of the games, she literally asks "If I'm wearing a bikini, where do I put my Poké Balls? Teehee it's a woman's secret."

To be fair, it's a pretty good question. If your character has to travel with a little bag for all your stuff, where would you put your Poké Balls? Hopefully in a better place than this woman is thinking. Again this would go right over a kid's head, but it's so apparent in it's nature that's anyone over the age of 12 would giggle.

15 The Bikini Contest

Misty Pokemon Bikini

In the episode "Beauty and the Beach," Misty competes in a bikini contest against the much older Jesse and a cross dressing James. In fact, James' outfit was infamously skimpy and included fake blow up breasts. Basically the episode revolves around Misty, Brock, and Ash all having a great day at the beaches of Port Vista when they somehow manage to crash a boat into a restaurant. The owner is furious and demands they pay damages.

To get the money, Misty decides to enter a bikini contest, something which she describes as being totally embarrassing and degrading.

Since she is up against adults like Jessie and James, she quickly gets made fun of for her undeveloped breasts. This entire episode was so problematic it was taken out of rotation in the U.S. Beside the fact that someone is being made fun of for their body, Misty is only about 12-13 years old in the episode, so it becomes gradually creepier throughout.

14 The Milk Maids

In the episode called "Tanks for the Memories," Brock leads his friends up to the mountain cafe Mountain Hut Maid Cafe where three very young waitresses named Summer, Spring, and Autumn serve up some hot, fresh milk. Of course, Brock immediately tries to go after two of the girls but gets knocked out by a Pokémon. After they get up, they all go out to the barn where a couple of Miltanks eagerly hook themselves up to give milk.

As the restaurant becomes very busy, Ash and Dawn decide to stick some maid outfits on and help out, this is really when the episode starts to feel like a weird Hooters ad. All the customers are men and the waitresses are pretty mousy with them. Then, a group of boys ends up running out after they realize Ash is a boy. All the while Brock is preying on the last of the three waitresses and Ash just wants to go to the local gym and fight the owner.

13 Pokemon Is Basically SeaWorld

While it's super fun to play, fight, and catch Pokémon, it's hard to ignore the fact it's actually pretty cruel. Think about it, you play as a human who goes around and captures wild Pokémon from their natural habitat to fight others for your entertainment and profit. It's pretty messed up and has even drawn criticism from PETA.

While we all like to imagine that Pokémon are happy being our pets, it's probably not true.

They are cooped up inside a tiny little ball and only allowed out to fight other Pokémon or compete in beauty contests. If people did that in real life, there would be a huge uproar, but in the Pokémon world it's a societal norm. This isn't to say that people who play these games support animal cruelty and are totally okay with animals being kidnapped and locked up, it's just something we chose to ignore while playing he games.

12 Xatu Knows All

Xatu is a peculiar Pokémon, as it never moves and is always quiet. The Pokédex entry states that it's like this because of all the horrors it has seen from the past and the future. How terrifying is that!? Knowing every horrible thing to have ever happened and all the horrors still to come.

The two red eyes that are underneath Xatu's wings each see the horror. One eye sees the tragedies of the past and the other of the future. Xatu refuses to move for fear of the visions coming true, which makes you wonder if the horrors are caused by Xatu's actions, kind of like Marvel's Dark Phoenix. This Pokémon does have some pretty good moves though, since it's a flying, ghost, psychic type. The unevolved version looks like a little green ball with some feet and a beak, but can easily be evolved with rare candy.

11 Cubone's Grief


Cubone is a cute and feisty looking little Pokémon who usually carries a bone and wears a skull on its head. You might think that this is Cubone's face, but in fact, it's face has never been seen.

Cubone always wears the skull of its dead mother as a helmet. Pretty dark stuff.

As you can imagine, that might scare some little kids, but then again not a lot of kids read the Pokédex entries.

This Pokémon is nicknamed the lonely one because of it's tendency to isolate itself and avoid social interaction with both Pokémon and people. This little guy was so traumatized by its mother's death that it cries ever single night. It is said that Cubone sees its mother in the moon and the cries are especially mournful during full moons. Whatever happened to this poor thing seriously damaged it, so if you ever catch it make sure to treat it with some extra berries and love.

10 People Eat Pokémon

This isn't something you really think about since everyone you talk to goes on about how much they love Pokémon. Have you ever seen any other source of food though? Any restaurant that serves fish or meat has to get it from somewhere and there arent' any other kinds of creatures in this world. It's even stated by Modern Farmer that it's a fact people eat Pokémon.

The Farfetch'd was hunted to almost near extinction and Slowpoke's tail is said to be very rare and high in nutrition. Just imagine someone treating a Slowpoke the way they do Rhinos? The show also has Ash, Brock, and Misty frequently visit restaurants that serve up Magikarp on a plate. It would seem that being caught by a trainer is safer than being left in the wild.

9 Drifloon Kidnaps Kids

Drifloon from Pokemon

Not all Pokémon are friendly and fun loving, even if they look it. Drifloon was created out of the lost spirits of both Pokémon and people. It is also a ghost-type Pokémon which means it feeds on the souls of living things.

On top of this, Drifloon is know to take children away who mistake it for a regular balloon and what it does with these kids only they know.

It's like a friendly looking gargoyle. It evolves from a small purple ballon to a larger more intimating looking balloon. It can be friendly and helpful although that usually isn't the case, due to old folk tales, it's knows as a sign post for wandering spirits. This Pokémon is able to learn ghost moves, flying moves, psychic moves, and then any TM you want to teach it, but just keep it away from kids.

8 Questionable Pokédex Entries

If you have some spare time on your hands, you should really take a wander through the Pokédex. It's filled with interesting and funny entries for various Pokémon, but it also contains some seriously disturbing ones. Some of these include Spoink's entry, which states that if it stops bouncing it will literally drop dead. The meanest is most likely Magikarp's entry which calls it a literal waste of a Pokémon.

Some of them are pretty creepy such as Lampant, who waits around hospital beds to steal the souls of those recently deceased. Duskull's entry clams that this little guy can go through any surface and will chase its target until death. Some of them are just straight up disturbing, like Banette who is actually a doll that came to life through sheer will and the need for revenge on its previous owner. Then there's Yamask, who is actually a human possessing a Pokémon.

7 The Possession of Yamask

Speaking of creepy, Yamask really takes the cake. Yamask is a shadow-like Pokémon who has the mask of a human face. This is supposedly the face of the its human form from long ago and if you wear it you will be possessed by the Yamask. Creepy much? The Pokéform of the creature is the black ghost type, with long arms and two red eyes, the human is the golden mask it holds at the end on its body. It's unknown who possessed who first, the Pokémon or the human.

Either way sometimes you can see the creature looking at the mask and crying, apparently out of longing for it's human days.

It's said to still have the memories of being a human which causes it great pain. Apparently it serves as a beacon for interred deceased who haunt the mask. Each of its possessors has its own mask and memories.

6 Banette's Revenge


Banette isn't so much a Pokémon, as much as it is a literal possession full of animosity and cruelty. This creature was a plush doll that was tossed away by its owner. Through sheer will power and pure hatred, Banette came to life and swore revenge on the person who threw her away. It keeps its soul safely in its body by never opening its zipped up mouth. If it opens it up it's cursed energy will escape and Banette will be no more.

One of its main attacks has it sticking voodoo pins into its body to curse its foes. Banette is a very powerful Pokémon, having some of the most powerful dark and ghost moves in the game. When this creature evolves, it looks like an even creepier version of it's gray doll self. You can find this Pokémon hanging around dark alleyways looking for children who threw away toys. You definitely don't want to be the kid that tossed this doll.

5 The Sad Story Of Mimikyu

Mimikyu from Pokemon Sun and Moon

Mimikyu is another eery looking Pokémon, but it's story is much sadder than scary. This Pokémon is completely hidden under a rag disguised as Pikachu. Why you ask? Well, Mimikyu figures that Pikachu is the most loved Pokémon of them all and if it looks like one it can make friends. Naturally, you would think that if Mimikyu was just itself it could make friends.

The thing is though, Mimikyu's appearance is said to be so hideous and terrifying that nothing can look at it.

Whenever its disguise is damaged or ripped black shadowy vapour can be seen pouring through the holes. If it's neck get's broken Mimikyu will spend all night trying to fix it, which is very difficult for it causing it to cry sometimes. If you ruin the disguise, Mimikyu will surely find you and end you in fear it has been exposed.

4 Alakazam Explodes Like Akira

Alakazam is the smartest Pokémon of them all. This creature has an IQ that exceeds 5,000 and can read an entire person's life with just one glance. The downside about being the smartest of them all is that Alakazam's brain never stops growing. It's good that he's a psychic Pokémon too, as his head is so big that he needs to use those powers to hold it up Surprisingly though, it's actually pretty weak in terms of muscles.

Alakazam lives a pretty long life though and unfortunately it ends very much like Tetsuo's in Akira. The cells of its brain just continue to grow until its head cracks open and the brain comes gushing out, still growing. The two spoons it holds in its hands are said to have been created by its psychic powers. It can outsmart a supercomputer easily and memorizes literally everything it learns, a great study buddy by the sounds of it.

3 'No, but I have Krabbies!'

In Pokémon 2000, Ash, Brock, and Misty are dining at a restaurant. While eating they over hear a conversation between a group of friends. One of the girls is obviously telling the others a story or joke of some sort, kind of a 'that's what she said' kind of joke. It would go right over a kids head, but anyone who has hit puberty would end up laughing.

Whatever story she is telling, it ends with "and then she said: "No, but I have krabbies!"

The innuendo is pretty obvious and pretty funny. It was probably aimed at the parents who were forced to go watch the movie with their tots. It's the total opposite of subtle but due to the maturity of the joke, it was allowed to stay.

2 The Young Couple Who Need A Room

Young couple Duff and Edna are either newlyweds or just really into each other. In Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you can be challenged by this young couple. It all seems pretty innocent until they unveil their Pokémon. The couple have very peculiar shaped choices that seemingly resemble the male and female genitalia. This has to be a purposeful innuendo because you could not see this in any other way unless you are the most innocent person ever. Whoever thought of this was probably distracted that day with ...other thoughts.

The names of the Pokémon are literally called Onix and Cluster, while they look exactly like the respective genitalia. The couple must either be really into each other or just not notice that their affections are spilling into their Pokémon choices. If you can keep from giggling too much, they are a pretty easy challenge to beat since they are only at level 22.

1 That Thick Rocket

In Pokémon Omega Ruby, the science division is way ahead of NASA. They have sent launched rockets many times and, depending on your last save, the old man by the window will tell you a different number. If you go inside the giant rocket you realize it's actually the Mossdeep Space Centre.

If you wonder around, you will see a rocket in the middle of the room. It is always surrounded by three girls who are looking at it. If you talk to them, they will say something the along the lines of "Look how thick that rocket is!" Upon discovering it for the first time, you will most definitely laugh, as it's a slightly inappropriate joke in a kids game. This is another of many innuendos that litter the Pokemon universe, made for kids but secretly made for adults.


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