The most obvious piece of futuristic technology within Pokémon games, the pokéballs, which allow Pokémon trainers to capture, store and transport their favorite monsters around, are really something special.

These advanced devices can store enormous monsters in a tiny space, and when a Pokémon is within its ball, it weighs

only a fraction of its regular weight, making it possible for ten-year-olds to comfortably carry around these balls on their belts.

If this technology existed in the real world, there could be a thousand uses for transporting living creatures. It would be easy to take pets on vacation or to the vet, or transport larger animals such as livestock or horses, and it would remove a lot of barriers to sending rare creatures between research labs or study centers.

Not to mention, if ever your pet dog refused to stop barking at three in the morning, you could just send it into its ball and enjoy a quiet night’s sleep!

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