15 Pokémon Game Technologies We Wish Were Real

Pokemon Technology

The Pokémon game series is full of amazing inventions, technological marvels, and scientific creations that are almost magical. From shrinking giant creatures to sending physical objects across great distances with the click of a mouse, there’s’ some simply incredible technology in the Pokemon world that would make everyday life a lot easier.

Some of this technology is based on real world advancements, such as cloning devices, while other ideas belong completely within the realm of science fiction. Everything within the Pokémon world is rooted in science, with many developments in technology being used to overcome some of the challenges of our everyday lives. Playing a Pokémon game, it’s hard not to imagine how much more fun and interesting life would be if some of the incredible elements of the Pokémon world were real.

Here are some of the coolest technological advancements present in Pokémon games, and what life might be like if they existed in reality. These are 15 Pokémon Game Technologies We Wish Were Real.

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16 Pokéballs


The most obvious piece of futuristic technology within Pokémon games, the pokéballs, which allow Pokémon trainers to capture, store and transport their favorite monsters around, are really something special.

These advanced devices can store enormous monsters in a tiny space, and when a Pokémon is within its ball, it weighs only a fraction of its regular weight, making it possible for ten-year-olds to comfortably carry around these balls on their belts.

If this technology existed in the real world, there could be a thousand uses for transporting living creatures. It would be easy to take pets on vacation or to the vet, or transport larger animals such as livestock or horses, and it would remove a lot of barriers to sending rare creatures between research labs or study centers.

Not to mention, if ever your pet dog refused to stop barking at three in the morning, you could just send it into its ball and enjoy a quiet night’s sleep!

15 Backpacks with Unlimited Storage

Pokemon Backpack

As early as the first generation of Pokémon games, it was possible for a ten-year-old to fold up a bike so small that it fit snugly inside of a backpack. This same bag could store 99 gold nuggets without a problem, although there was a limit to how many items you could fit into your back if they were all different types.

In later games, every character’s bag could carry an unlimited number of balls, healing items, berries, and even a television, all without putting any kind of strain on the wearer. It can be assumed that the same kind of technology that is present in Pokéballs must also be in use within these backpacks, as there’s no other explanation for how a trainer could carry so much stuff.

If we could carry as many things with us in a single bag in real life, moving things around would be a lot easier – the only difficult thing would be finding any item that you wanted to use among thousands of repels or potions.

14 Instant Healing Stations

Pokemon Center

It’s safe to say that in the modern world, healthcare is one of the great concerns of our age. With medical costs rising to meet the needs of an increasingly aging population, it’s getting more and more difficult to treat diseases, and the threat of new antibiotic-resistant superbugs could mean that within a generation, a lot of our current medicines will be useless.

If only we had access to the kind of healing technology that’s present in Pokémon. Just a few seconds of time spent within a healing machine – enough time to hear a simple jingle – and any illness, no matter how extreme, could be cured.

This kind of technology could revolutionize healthcare. Those who suffer through months and years of rehabilitation and recovery after sickness could be instantly healed with a touch of a button. A lot of the diseases that plague humanity would cease to exist almost overnight, and everyone would be a lot healthier and happier as a result.

13 Spinning Floor Tiles

Spinning Things

What security system do you have in place within your home? You might have an alarm, or you might simply lock your doors and windows and hope for the best.

In Pokemon, if you want to really confuse potential thieves, you can use a system of spinning floor tiles to throw intruders around seemingly at random. Once trapped within a maze of spinning tiles, the intruder has to either solve a complex puzzle to escape, or wait to be apprehended by the authorities while doing their best not to throw up.

The only downside to this kind of security system is that you can get overconfident. Children have a much higher tolerance for being spun around than adults, so it only takes one ten-year-old with an iron stomach, and your secret gambling cabal will get blown wide open.

For the sake of safety, you might want to hire some goons and arm them with rodents trapped within Pokéballs, just to be safe.

12 Rare Candy

Rare Candy

We all know that certain foods aren’t very good for us. Eating nothing but candy can end up damaging our bodies, leading to weight gain, addiction, and diabetes. In order to live healthy, productive lives, we need to eat boring food with lots of green vegetables in it.

Not so in the Pokémon world – scientists have invented rare candy, a delicious sweet treat that helps Pokémon to grow stronger and more powerful each time they eat it! Sure, right now, these treats are only available for monsters to eat, but if we had the same technology in the real world, it wouldn’t be long before somebody figured out a way to make them work for humans.

Imagine being able to eat candy all day and actually get more physically fit! There’d be no need to waste hours at the gym, just pop a few candies into your mouth and you’re good to go.

11 The MissingNo Glitch

MissingNo Glich

Okay, so you’ve got a bag that can hold an unlimited amount of stuff. You might have a hard time filling it, though – after all, there’s only so many things you can buy to put into your backpack. It’s such a shame that your bag can’t glitch out and start duplicating all your most precious things.

Except, in the Pokémon world, that’s exactly what can happen. By taking advantage of the MissingNo glitch, you can generate an endless supply of gold nuggets, pokéballs, and rare candies. Sell some of these rare items and you’ve got all the money you could possibly hope for.

Of course, the MissingNo glitch isn’t a deliberate feature within Pokémon games. In a world where your bag can store limitless amounts of gear without it getting too heavy, though, there’s got to be a trick to glitching the technology and duplicating items. Just don’t let anyone else know about it if you figure this glitch out – otherwise your piles and piles of gold nuggets will become instantly worthless.

10 Gym Badges

Pokemon Gym Badge

Here in the real world, we’ve done a pretty good job of taming the wilderness. We’ve managed to domesticate plenty of animals, and have taught them to obey our commands. Parrots can be taught to speak, dolphins will jump through hoops on command, and dogs will do anything we tell them to because they love us so much.

Some animals, though, refuse to obey us, no matter how much love and affection we show them. In particular, cats are often mean, disobedient, and cruel to us, even though we feed them, take care of them, and keep them warm and safe.

If only we had gym badges in real life, small devices that prove our worth as animal trainers. Simply seeing a Marsh badge is enough to convince Pokémon up to level 70 to obey a trainer – if we had something similar in the real world, we could have cats cooking us breakfast in no time at all.

9 Cloning

Pokemon Cloning

The most popular example of cloning within the Pokémon world didn’t exactly go well. Throughout Pokémon Red and Blue, trainers find hints at the terrible tragedy that occurred when a cloned Pokémon, Mewtwo, escaped from captivity. This is further expanded upon in Pokémon: The First Movie, where Mewtwo’s full origin story is revealed.

In other cases, though, Pokémon cloning works absolutely fine. Mewtwo is able to clone any Pokémon he can get his hands on in a matter of seconds, and the finished copies appear fully formed, with a functioning understanding of the universe.

This kind of cloning technology is lightyears ahead of what we have in the real world, and there would be many different applications that would make life a lot easier for everyone. World hunger could be cured by instantly cloning crops and farm animals, while if the Pokémon Center technology failed to cure a disease, people could grow custom replacement organs in seconds.

8 Computer Storage

Pokemon Computer

Imagine if you could digitally reduce any item into a line of computer code, for quick, easy storage.

There’d never be a need to throw anything away! Houses could be completely free from clutter, with all important items stored safely within a machine. When you need a poké doll to decorate your bedroom, you simply select it from a dropdown menu on your computer, and it appears in front of you. Similarly, you can take it away again with yet another click of your mouse.

Transporting furniture or rearranging your house would be simple – not that you’d need any storage space. Why do you think your character’s mom doesn’t have a bedroom in the Pokemon games? She probably simply clicks some buttons on the family computer and turns the living room into a luxurious bedroom with a four post bed!

It goes without saying that this kind of technology would make life a lot easier in the real world. Any time you don’t need something, simply store it on the computer. Be sure to back up your hard drive, though!

7 HMs and TMs

Pokemon HM

Learning new skills can be very difficult. It’s often said that to completely master a new skill takes around ten thousand hours of practice, which can be very time consuming. If only there was a way to store knowledge on a CD, and then upload it directly into your brain.

In Pokémon games, that’s exactly what the trainer can do. Pokémon can learn new moves from Technical Machines and Hidden Machines, special discs that contain useful battle information on them. One click of the device and your favorite friend has learned to fly, cut down trees, or scale high walls.

If this technology could be used in the real world, there’d be no need for school, and no need for lengthy practice of any new talent. Simply load up the TM and you’ve got a working knowledge of fifteenth century literature, or you’re able to speak fluent Cantonese. Everyone could be an expert in any subject in the time it takes to load a CD.

6 Silph Scope

Silph Scope

For centuries, humans have debated the existence of the afterlife. Where do our souls go after this life – do we remain here, or travel to another realm? Do we even have souls at all? There’s no definitive answer to any of these questions that pleases everybody, and no scientific proof of any kind of continued existence after death.

In the Pokémon world, however, everybody knows there’s definitely life after we die. After all, there are ghost Pokémon everywhere, and science has even found a way to communicate with the souls of the recently departed. The Silph Scope can be used in the Pokémon graveyard in Lavender Town to commune with a Marrowak who has been killed by Team Rocket, which allows the trainer to help it pass on to the other side.

Such a device would revolutionize science, religion, and spiritualism in the modern world. There’d be no more debate about the existence of ghosts, as there’d be genuine scientific proof available, alongside a way to talk to our recently deceased loved ones.

5 Teleportation

Pokemon Teleporters

The morning commute is never fun. Whether you’re going to school, work, or anywhere else, it’s always awful to be stuck in a slow moving car or crammed onto public transport in order to get where you need to go. If only there was a way to make things easier in the mornings, so you didn’t have to spend quite so long sitting around, waiting to arrive at your destination.

In Pokémon, there are plenty of methods of doing exactly that. While Bill the Pokémon expert might have messed up a teleportation trial and got himself turned into a Pokémon, two buildings in Saffron City have working teleportation pads – the Silph Co headquarters, and the Saffron City gym. Simply step onto a teleportation pad, and you’ll be whisked away to your destination – even if these devices admittedly don’t have particularly great signposting, and you’re never sure where you’ll end up.

This kind of technology would make travelling around in the real world incredibly simply. By walking onto a pad, you could be beamed directly to wherever you’re going, reducing commute times and making mornings a lot more bearable.

4 Hoverbikes

Pokemon Hoverbike

We all know what futuristic technology we want more than any other: hover vehicles. From floating cars to Back to the Future hoverboards, we’ve been promised flying devices for years, and never actually received what we’re after.

In Pokémon Colosseum, however, we get a glimpse of what this kind of technology is like in the Pokémon world. The player character has a really cool looking hoverbike, which he uses to cruise around in the desert with his trusty Umbreon and Espion riding in his sidecar.

While access to teleportation technology would mean that flying around on a hoverbike would be unnecessary to get anywhere, there’s no denying that this bike is incredibly cool. Simply load up a bike-riding TM and you’d have an instant working knowledge of the vehicle, and you could have a lot of fun blasting across the desert in your very own hoverbike, fulfilling your wildest Mad Max fantasies.

3 Resurrection of Fossils

Pokemon Fossil

Jurassic Park movies have promised the excitement and danger of a world that could bring dinosaurs back to life. Things never seem to go well for attendees at any of these attractions, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of practical applications for the technology.

Imagine being able to resurrect ancient animals to learn about how they lived – wooly mammoths, sabre toothed cats, and even dodos could be among the extinct creatures that could be brought back to life in the time it takes to leave a building and walk back in. In situations where proper security measures are in place, we could even bring back the dinosaurs – don’t pretend you don’t want your own velociraptor for a pet, even if modern paleontologists believe they were only a couple of feet tall and had feathers.

The best news is, with Pokémon technology, there’d be no chance of a resurrected dinosaur going on a rampage, even if it’s been genetically tampered with. Simply show Indominus Rex an Earth Badge and it’ll be forced to obey your every command.

2 Global Trading Station

Global Trade Station

Imagine never having to pay shipping and handling fees again.

Imagine if, instead of waiting months for a package to arrive from, it could be on your door in a matter of moments.

The world would be a far better place if items could be transported across the globe instantaneously, and that’s just what recent Pokemon games allow players to do.

Pokemon trainers can now trade creatures across the internet from any location on the planet. There are even special breeding benefits to trading with someone who speaks a different language, and each Pokemon can be made to carry a special item with them for the journey.

If we had this technology in real life, a fleet of animal couriers could deliver packages directly to you from anywhere on Earth. There’s no longer be a need for lengthy shipping times, which would have the knock-on effect of making almost all consumables a lot cheaper.

It’s such a shame this is only possible in a Pokémon video game.

1 Conclusion

Robot Meowth

The wonders of the Pokémon world never cease to amaze. Instant transport of items, candy that makes you healthier, and the resurrection of extinct animals are just a few of the benefits that mankind would receive if Pokémon were real. There’d be less famine, sickness, and death if we could heal people the way trainers can heal their Pokémon, and there’d be a wealth of different ways to visit different places, even if the most entertaining way is either on foot or by bike.

Maybe one day soon, humanity will see the benefits of similar technology, as scientists and engineers continue to improve our quality of life. In the meantime, though, it’s fun to speculate about the way our world would change if only we had access to Pokéballs.

What special Pokémon technologies did we miss off our list? What elements of the Pokémon world do you wish existed in real life, and which ones aren’t all they’re cracked up to be? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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