Pokémon TCG Galar Collection is the Perfect Complement to Sword & Shield

The Pokémon TCG Galar Collection is a wonderful complement to the newly-released Sword & Shield, tying in the adorable new starters with some bonuses.

Pokemon TCG Galar Collection Sobble Grookey Scorbunny

The Pokémon TCG Galar Collection launched earlier this month, and the combination of iconic new creatures from Sword & Shield and some bonus packs for those interested makes the bundle a formidable holiday bonus for fans of the series. The Pokémon TCG will be eyeing the Galar region as its sets release in the future, and has just come off a year where Pokémon tag teams really took off from a design standpoint, creating some of the most visually pleasing cards in the game's history on top of some truly powerful combinations.

With Pokémon Sword & Shield launched to critical praise and the backlash over the National Dex removal mostly in the rear window, the franchise can now move forward into Galar as the focus region for its products. While there has been justified criticism of some of the elements in Pokémon Sword & Shield, a consistent point of praise for the games have been the way they portray Galar, a charming region based on the United Kingdom. It's one of the most interesting entries into series lore in recent memory and, thanks to a stellar design direction for the new Pokémon present in the games, is also the home of some new creatures that will likely become series favorites.

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The Pokémon TCG Galar Collection aims to give the franchise's card game fans an enjoyable glimpse into what the future holds, prioritizing the faces of the Galar region while doing so. The Galar Collection has three different bundles, each focused on one of the new Galar region starters: Sobble, Grookey, and Scorbunny, with two variations of cards that have different abilities and art. Each bundle comes with a high-quality pin of the starter as well as a giant version of either Zamazenta or Zamacian V, which is the typing that will replace GX in the card game in the future.

Pokemon TCG Galar Collection Sobble

The Pokémon TCG Galar Collection also comes with a card for each starter, making them an ideal collectible item for young players who might be joining the TCG - or the entire franchise - for the first time with the series' leap to consoles. Finally, each bundle comes with four packs of recent Pokémon TCG sets, giving players the chance at getting rarer cards - or simply some more of their favorites - on top of the guaranteed content on offer here.

Pokemon TCG Galar Collection

While the Pokémon TCG Galar Collection isn't going to set the competitive trading card game world on fire with what it's offering, it's another nice touch from The Pokémon Company International that seems in line with what is happening in Sword & Shield. In Pokémon Sword & Shield, fans get a quintessential Pokémon experience that shrinks the size of the game's roster down quite a bit in favor of building a new, charming world. It's the perfect introductory game to a whole new generation of Pokémon fans, and the Galar Collection is very much the same for anyone more interested in the card game side of things.

Those looking to get younger family members into the Pokémon TCG while also scratching the collector's itch with giant cards, pins, and some randomized packs could do much worse than the Galar Collection. Thanks to the new ubiquity of Sobble and crew, there are going to be a lot of fans looking for ways to express their fondness for the new generation of Pokémon, and the Pokémon TCG Galar Collection is well-suited to that regardless of experience or familiarity with the TCG side's products.

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Pokémon TCG Galar Collection is available now. Screen Rant was provided with a copy of Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble Galar Collection bundles by The Pokémon Company International for impressions and samples.

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