Pokémon Sword & Shield Revealed 2 New Mystery Pokémon, Too

Fans have spotted two new Pokémon that were hiding in the background of Pokémon Sword & Shield's latest Nintendo Direct trailer.

Pokemon Mystery Fish Cover

The latest Pokémon Sword & Shield trailer included more content than fans originally realized, as two new, unnamed Pokémon are present in the video. The most recent Nintendo Direct had lots of announcements for new games, including features on upcoming titles like the aforementioned Pokémon Sword & Shield. 

During the Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that two new Pokémon would be present in the Galar region: Polteageist and Cramorant. Polteageist is a haunted teapot, while Cramorant is based on the cormorant species of bird. Cramorant has a special ability called Gulp Missile, which activates after it uses either Dive or Surf, causing it to reappear with a fish in its mouth. If Cramorant takes damage after swallowing the fish, then it will spit it at the enemy.

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The fish that Cramorant grabs isn't shown clearly in the Pokémon Sword & Shield trailer and fans initially assumed it was a generic design, similar to the baby chicks that appear when the confusion effect activates. It has since been revealed by Serebii that the official artwork for Cramorant shows the full design of the creature it swallows, and appears to be based on the pike species of fish. Pike is a common type of fish that can be found near the British Isles, so its inclusion would fit with the theme of the Galar region. The image of the fish has been uploaded to the Serebii 's Twitter account.

The pike Pokémon wasn't the only new creature revealed in the Nintendo Direct trailer, as eagle-eyed fans have spotted another design hanging around in the background of the trailer. Pehk_n_Khal captured an image of two bipedal creatures that appear to be of the same species. This new creature's design doesn't match any of the existing Pokémon that have been revealed so far for Pokémon Sword & Shield. The creature appears to have a horn on its nose, sharp spines coming out of its back, and a shaggy mane of hair. It's possible that it's the final evolution of Drednaw, which was a new Pokémon revealed during a previous Direct.

Pokémon Sword & Shield have been a source of controversy of late due to how they won't include every Pokémon from the series. The exclusion of some of the lesser-known Pokémon hasn't stopped Game Freak from including new Pokémon, though, and updating older ones through Galarian forms. The identities of these new Pokémon are still unclear at the moment, but fans won't have to wait long to see them. Pokémon Sword & Shield are due to be released for the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

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Source: Serebii/Twitter, Pehk_n_Kahl/Twitter

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