Pokémon Fans Are Asking President Trump to Stop Sword & Shield Sales

Some fans complaining about the build quality of the unreleased Pokémon Sword and Shield have started a petition for President Trump to ban them.

Pokemon Sword Shield

Some gamers have started a petition to have American President Donald Trump ban the sale of Nintendo's Pokémon Sword and Shield games. The games have been bogged down by controversy since it was first confirmed that the titles would not feature a National Dex, meaning that not every monster from past iterations would be returning in Sword and Shield. This prompted some severe backlash that's plagued the games ever since.

Things have only escalated recently in the wake of fan claims that the models Game Freak used in Pokémon Sword and Shield are reused from Sun and Moon on the 3DS. This supposed revelation goes against earlier reports from Game Freak that stated that all of the models and animations we made from scratch. Given that this was a justification for the removal of some Pokémon, gamers are upset that they may have been lied to.

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This has now led to an official petition on the official Whitehouse website (via Daniel Ahmad on Twitter) demanding that Pokémon Sword and Shield be banned from going on sale in the United States of America. The petition itself is at a little over 100 signatures as of this writing, but it's surprising to learn that any gamers are actually serious about this. They want President Donald Trump to prevent the games from going on sale, rather than taking the significantly easier route of simply not purchasing either version for themselves.

This recent movement from some gamers comes after generally positive reviews for Pokémon Sword and Shield dropped. Still, some that have yet to go hands-on with the titles are pointing to leaked footage to justify their frustrations. In truth, much of the games' contents have leaked online already, with the selection of returning Pokémon in Sword and Shield acting as a major factor in fan outrage recently. Additionally, the entire roster of new Pokémon titles has been ousted, with the new starters being odd-yet-charming in their evolutions.

It's been a crazy ride for Pokémon fans thus far, and it's unlikely to stop anytime soon. Still, Sword and Shield are primed to be major holiday titles for the Nintendo Switch. Only time will tell if the controversy surrounding them will alter that.

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Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield arrive exclusively for the Nintendo Switch consoles on November 15, 2019.

Source: petitions.whitehouse (via Daniel Ahmad - Twitter)

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