Pokémon Sword & Shield Dynamaxing Allows Every Pokémon to Shine

Promising that it's much more than a flashy gimmick, series developer Game Freak says that Pokémon: Sword and Shield's new Dynamax mechanic allows every pokémon to shine. While fans will be the final judge of that when the new generation of the franchise releases later this year, this is a reassuring bit of news for on-the-fence trainers if true.

Set in the all-new, England-inspired Galar region, Pokémon: Sword and Shield sports a brand new cast of pocket monsters to catch, fight, and love; and every one of them may be Dynamaxed in battle to greatly increase their power for a short time. However, Pokémon players were recently aghast to learn that not every pokémon from past games would be present or otherwise transferable to Sword and Shield, prompting an understanding yet unwavering response by Game Freak. This may result in prospective players being unable to Dynamax some of their favorite pokémon from earlier releases, but word from the beloved developer that the feature will at least work toward balancing the new duo of games will surely win back some good will.

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In an interview with Kotaku UKPokémon: Sword and Shield director Shigeru Ohmori had some words of comfort for fans who may feel jilted by recent developments and unsure about how Dynamax will affect gameplay. Referring to these justified skeptics, Ohmori said, "We’re very cognizant of not betraying the expectations of long term fans. We view it as a way to get every Pokémon to shine in battle." Seeming to address past mechanics that were variably received for their impact on team choice and balancing, he clarified, "Even if [pokémon] weren’t as viable in the past, this is their time to shine, and we’re balancing the battle system around that."

In the article containing Ohmori's statement, the writer claims that the time they spent playing with Dynamax added to their gameplay repertoire, giving them optimism about the previously unassuming mechanic. Combined with Game Freak's apparent design approach of making even once-useless pokémon viable, it can be hoped that Dynamax adds to the competitive meta where past features like Mega Evolutions were far more reductive.

For now, it still remains to be seen if Game Freak can truly deliver on a new mechanic like Dynamax, or other upcoming Pokémon: Sword and Shield additions like the Wild Area and Max Raid Battles, without skimping out on substance or peeving a large swath of the dedicated Pokémon fanbase. Come November, hopefully the Nintendo developer will pull it off without doing either.

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Source: Kotaku UK

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