• Pokémon Sword & Shield have received a lot of negative press since E3 2019. 1 / 8

    Pokemon Sword Shield Double Pack Vertical
  • The games won't include every Pokémon for the first time in history of the series. 2 / 8

    Pokemon Sword Shield Legendary Vertical
  • It's now impossible to catch them all. 3 / 8

    Pokemon Sword Shield Milo Vertical
  • A statement by Junichi Masude suggests the cut Pokémon won't be added in updates. 4 / 8

    Pokemon Sword Shield Max Raid Battle Vertical
  • The graphics have been criticized and they seem to reuse assets from older games. 5 / 8

    Pokemon Sword Shield Leon Vertical
  • Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves have been replaced with Dynamax transformations. 6 / 8

  • The fans have reacted harshly to the cut content in Pokémon Sword & Shield 7 / 8

    Pokemon Sword Shield Gym Vertical
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