Pokémon: Sun & Moon Gameplay Trailer Released

It's been a big year for Pokémon, with the venerable creature-collecting RPG franchise celebrating its 20th anniversary - with new spinoff games such as Pokken Tournament and Great Detective Pikachu, Pokémon Sun & Moon featured at Nintendo's E3 presentation, and negotiations for rights to a live-action Pokemon movie setting off a Hollywood bidding war. Not bad for a franchise which, at one point, Nintendo worried would never take off outside of its native Japan.

A gameplay trailer for Sun & Moon has now been released and it shows off new modes and more all-new Pokémon for the game. The official kickoff for the seventh generation of main-series Pokémon titles, Pokémon Sun & Moon takes the franchise to the new Alola Region, comprised entirely of islands and meant to represent the "Pokémon Universe" version of Hawaii - complete with jungles, tropical terrain, beaches and even volcanoes playing a major role in the makeup of the new area players will explore to collect, train and battle with new and old Pokémon.

While much of the game's plot remains under-wraps for the time being, several Sun & Moon features have come to light amidst Nintendo's typically secretive, tightly-controlled approach to releasing information about the company's upcoming games. It's known that the characters in the game will make use of a new type of "talking" Pokedex (which some have taken as a sign that the games will incorporate 3DS voice commands into gameplay) and that "classic" Pokémon that are captured on the new Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow can be imported into the game via the Pokémon Bank.

The most significant reveal, though, is of the new "Battle Royale" mode, where players can enter four-way free-for-all battles in which they can choose to work together or against each other in order to claim final victory. While each new Pokémon installment has previously introduced new modes and battle types, Sun & Moon represents the first attempt at regular battles of this scale and style.

While previous trailers had focused on the reveal of the three new "starter" Pokémon, Rowlet (and owl), Popplio (a seal) and Litten (a cat),  the new spot reveals several new creatures such as the weasel-esque Yungoos and the mysterious Magearna. Though not confirmed by the trailer, rumors have persisted for several months that the game's setting and selection of Pokémon are partially themed around an in-game narrative about endangered animals and conservation.

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Pokémon: Sun & Moon will be released on November 18th, 2016.

Source: The Official Pokémon Channel

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