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Pokemon Sun Moon Starter Evolution

As fun as new towns, levels, and bosses are, it just wouldn't be the same if a new Pokémon game didn't have, well, new Pokémon. Luckily, we don't have to live in that dark, cold world, as Sun & Moon is

packed full of new creatures to capture and train. There's the man-made Type: Null and Magearna; the interesting type combos like the Fighting/Ice Crabominable and the Ghost/Ground Palossand; and all sorts of other birds (a toucan Pokémon!), bugs (a swoll mosquito!), and beasts (a cute little koala!) roaming around the new Alola region.

There's also new Starters, of course, with the grassy owl Rowlet, the fiery cat Litten, and the watery seal Popplio. And we can’t forget the mascots of the respective versions of the new game, the Legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala. Which of these two you prefer will likely determine which game you get (though Rockruff’s werewolf-like evolution in Moon also tips the scales). There’s 79 new Pokémon in total, and, as is Nintendo's and Game Freak's wont, we’re likely to get a few more added as bonus rare creatures are revealed.

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