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Pokemon Sun Moon QR Code Scanner

Bringing a bit of Pokémon GO’s augmented reality into the traditional Pokémon franchise, one of the new features present in Sun & Moon is a QR Scanner that provides you with valuable information on the creatures of the Alola

region. Using the cameras on the 3DS, you’ll be able to scan QR codes you find in real life and have them access information about specific Pokémon within the game. Each Pokémon has their own QR code associated with them, and the data inside will give you all sorts of useful information, like where to find that particular Pokémon in the game.

By using this, you’ll not only be able to add an extra dimension to your Pokédex, but you’ll also be able to seek out the habitats of Pokémon you haven’t yet caught in the game. Say you scan a code and it reveals a Legendary like Solgaleo; you’ll then have the information on where to find that Pokémon in-game and be able to hunt it down. Even better, you can share QR codes with friends, enabling you to catch up to each other’s Pokédex entries. Searching out and catching Pokémon is as crucial to the gameplay as battling, so like Battle Royal, it’s exciting to see Nintendo add another layer to this original element of the games.

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