10 Pokemon That Were Too Scary to Be In Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu was very daring in terms of which Pokemon is chose to adapt for the big screen. There were Pokemon from all generations and types present in the movie, and it was impressive to see. That said, the movie was not able to show all the Pokemon, far from it. There were many who have yet to make their debut on the big screen.

That said, there were some Pokemon that we believe probably won't appear for quite some time. Their designs and backstories are already intimidating enough in the games, but seeing them in live-action might be a bit too much for younger viewers. Here are 10 Pokemon that were too scary to be in Detective Pikachu.


banette pokemon

Banette is a marionette doll that has been possessed by a Pokemon. Banette live to get revenge on those who threw it away, and that becomes the source of their power. As such, there is something unsettling about Banette's design, even in the games. Its zipped mouth, long limbs, and unfazed expression all throw people for a loop. If it were translated faithfully into Detective Pikachui, Banette would've easily been nightmare fuel. Imagine him floating around like a possessed doll, laying curses on other people and Pokemon because of the "R." That's all without mentioning the terror of Mega Banette.


The Ultra Beasts from Pokemon Sun and Moon are already some of the scariest Pokemon to date. Their otherworldly designs coming from living in Ultra Space make them extremely different from standard Pokemon, and they can be quite terrifying as a result. This brings us to the insatiable beast itself: Guzzlord. Guzzlord is a massive Ultra Beast, having a wide open stomach that allows it to consume anything. This design would be horrifying in live-action, as such a powerful creature with a large, open stomach like that would be hard to miss. That Pokemon could easily give viewers nightmares (as could many of the other Ultra Beasts).



Mr. Mime made the jump to live-action, which was quite impressive. That design was always going to reach uncanny valley territory, but Detective Pikachu pulled it off well. That said, the one design we don't want in the movie is Jynx. Jynx has always been one of the weirdest Pokemon ever made. If it were given the live-action treatment, imagine how bizarre it would look between is hair texture and the likely silky dress texture over its body. Then, try to imagine its beady eyes as it planted a big kiss on someone. It would be scary, uncomfortable, and make people want to look away.


Hypno has a strange reputation among the Pokemon community. The Pokedex entry for it stated that it could take children to the woods using its hypnosis and never let them go. That alone was enough to motivate trainers to steer clear of this Pokemon.

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Hypno's design isn't what's so scary, but it's more so its behavior. Hypno has a menacing voice as it waves its medallion, slowly putting people and Pokemon into a trance. Giving Hypno time in a movie like Detective Pikachu would probably be a bit too frightening (assuming that it had a scene where it hypnotized one of the main characters).


Darkrai is one of the legendary Pokemon from Gen IV and one of the most powerful. Darkrai is known for its Dark Void attack, which puts people and Pokemon to sleep and instantly forces them into nightmares. Darkrai's deign is menacing enough that Detective Pikachu probably wanted to stay away, but forcing its victims to perpetually experience nightmares until they wake up is a whole new level of scary. There is no way that Detective Pikachu could've shown something like this and still made the film accessible for fans of all ages. Darkrai would have to a bit toned down to be in live-action.


Spiritomb is a collection of spirits housed in a small keystone. When awake, Spiritomb often acts solely out of rage, destroying and haunting anyone near it. Spiritomb already has quite the memorable design, featuring a translucent yet haunting mask as a face. Spiritomb's anger would also be working against it in a movie like Detective Pikachu. A face and personality like that would be scary in live-action. Furthermore, Spiritomb is the kind of Pokemon that would be given its own subplot or be part of the main story in some way, considering its backstory in the games. We all know that might be a bit too much for first-time viewers.


Sableye doesn't look like much, but this sneaky, gem-loving thief can be quite scary. Sableye is part ghost type, meaning that it has all the spooky qualities that probably disqualified it from Detective Pikachu in the first place. The scariest part is the twisted smile that it can conjure on its face. Sableye's smile is the stuff of nightmares, and that's without discussing its behaviors. Sableye can be very mischievous and do just about anything for another gem to consume. That's right. This is a Pokemon that willingly consumes some of the hardest materials on the planet.


Cofagrigus is a very old Pokemon, as its design suggests. It's essentially a haunted coffin from ancient Egypt, and that makes it quite the terrifying Pokemon from the start. This Pokemon is rare and hard to find. Most people stay away from it, due to it supposedly eating people and turning them into mummies hundreds of years ago.

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Cofagrigus wouldn't be a Pokemon that Detective Pikachu could simply throw in the background. It's very nature almost demands a side quest of some sort. However, showing an animated and angry coffin like this would've been a bad move on the movie's part.


Giratina is one of the legendary Pokemon of Gen IV and was the mascot of Pokemon Platinum. While people didn't think much of this Pokemon back in Diamond and PearlPlatinum painted a much different picture. Giratina lived in a place called the Distortion World and had only one desire: to cause chaos for the world. When summoned by Cyrus, Giratina became an instant menace and, in many ways, is the Pokemon equivalent of the Devil. For obvious reasons, this Pokemon wouldn't have made it to Detective Pikachu. Mewtwo was the only legendary Pokemon to get the spotlight anyway. That said, we don't think Giratina will be a part of the films for some time.


Yveltal is a legendary Pokemon dedicated to death and destruction. Anytime it awakens, it's sure to spell doom for anyone involved. It's penchant for destruction would already make it a hard sell for a movie like Detective Pikachu. Then, to make matters worse, Yveltal has the appearance of an evil dragon. Imagine this massive Pokemon destroying cities like something Godzilla would do. Yveltal is a bit too much for live-action when trying to make movies that even kids can enjoy. Its counterpart, Xerneas on the other hand, would be a great candidate for a film appearance.

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