New Leak Reveals Unused Designs From Pokémon Red & Green

Update - The information in this article has been updated to properly reflect Helix Chamber/Team Spaceworld's involvement with the leak and to clarify that some of the information was based on speculation.

A bomb has just been dropped in the Pokémon fan community as assets from an unfinished build of Pokémon Red & Green have been revealed and they have given fans a glimpse at a bizarre early version of the game.

In 2018, an early beta for both Pokémon Gold & Silver was leaked online, which contained unused Pokémon designs and showed how the game looked before it was totally retooled. A group called Team Spaceworld was set up with the intention of revealing all of the hidden secrets within the Pokémon Gold & Silver beta and possibly finishing it, with an English translation to make it playable.

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Team Spaceworld revealed on their Twitter page that a separate group known as the Helix Chamber had been approached by a private collector who owned a prototype version of Pokémon Red & Green that was an undetermined state. After several months of negotiations, they were unable to make a deal for a ROM of the prototypes, but they were able to receive copies of all of the assets in the game, including unused Pokémon and trainer designs, as well as early versions of the Kanto world map. The Helix Chamber members were only able to acquire back sprites of the unused Pokémon, which means that most of the information about them is speculation for the time being and any front sprite images for the time being are the result of fan interpretation of the material that is available. All of the findings that have been released so far can be found on the Helix Chamber website and they contain a lot of information that has answered many fan theories about the first Pokémon games while raising a lot of new questions.

Owing to the way in which the material relating to the Pokémon Red & Green prototype has released, there are elements of the unused designs that cannot be independently verified and are based on the speculation of the Helix Chamber/Team Spaceworld members.

The original build of Pokémon Red & Green held 190 Pokémon, which includes a glimpse at Gorochu the unused third evolution of the Pikachu line.

There is a Pokémon that resembles an older version of Marowak that is carrying a small Cubone as a child, which may prove that there is a link between the Cubone and Kangaskhan lines (though we can't say for sure without seeing the front sprite, which was not provided as part of the assets of the build). There is a Pokémon that the Helix Chamber members have theorized is a pre-evolution of Blastoise, based on the design of its back sprite. The pre-evolutions for Ponyta and Vulpix from the leaked beta of Pokémon Gold & Silver are present in the early Pokémon Red & Green build. There is also a Pokémon that appears to be an unused evolution of Psyduck (which has been given the name Weirduck by the Helix Chamber members.

There are also a lot of interesting unused designs to be found among the Pokémon trainers, with an early version of Red who looks like a construction worker (and fights with a whip), an enemy trainer who is a robot (named Shinjuku Jack), a proper look at the original first trainer in the region who resembled Giovanni, and a trainer who is believed to be wearing a Virtual Boy headset.

The details in this new leak are staggering and it goes to show how much was cut during the development of Pokémon Red & Green. Fans are still waiting on a completed version of the Pokémon Gold & Silver beta, but a finished version of the Pokémon Red & Green beta would also be something they'd love to play, as it would give them a chance to experience the first Pokémon games in the way they were originally envisioned to be.

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Source: Team Spaceworld, Helix Chamber

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