25 Hidden Pokémon Red And Blue Locations That Casual Fans Will Never Find (And Where To Find Them)

Pokémon’s level of mystery was one of its greatest appeals. Bolstered by vague NPC dialogue, an anime that unabashedly incorporated all the game’s oddities (like every nurse and police officer looking the same,) cards with incredible artwork, and the unparalleled power of word-of-mouth rumors, there always seemed to be a secret just waiting to be uncovered… and there actually were.

In fact, many of these secrets involved hidden locations, so in today’s list of 25 Hidden Pokémon Red And Blue Locations That Casual Fans Will Never Find (And Where To Find Them,) we’re doing exactly what the headline says and digging deep into the wacky and wild world of secret areas inside the Game Boy games that started it all.

Some of you may scoff at certain entries on this list, believing that “everyone knows about them,” but you’re speaking from an informed, hardcore point of view.

Everyday, there are new players discovering Red and Blue for the first time, and they didn’t have the benefit of Pokémon madness to power them through the experience, uncovering each and every secret. Heck, they might not even be major fans or the series or video games, but are just curious.

This list is for those kinds of fans, whether casual or curious. Whether they lacked the drive or the time to discover everything these games had to offer doesn’t matter now, as we’ll be tipping them off to all the awesome secret locations (and the rewards associated with them) right now!

Heck, even a few serious fans might be surprised at some of the hidden areas on this list… we know we were!

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Pokemon Glitch City
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25 Glitch City

Pokemon Glitch City

If there’s one thing that the original Pokémon games were NOT, it was technically sound. All kinds of glitches proliferated throughout the experience, with some so bizarre, severe and easily accessible that it’s a wonder the game works at all.

There’s actually an entire zone that’s comprised of nothing but glitches, which fans have dubbed “Glitch City.” Accessible by using the Safari Zone to trick the game, you can easily find yourself amongst the corrupt ruins of a once-proud proud city.

24 The Secret Area of Pewter City Gym

Brock Pokemon Origins

Pewter City is one of the most iconic locations in the Pokémon series, due in part to Brock’s major role in the anime. The location is no less important in the games, though, as Pewter City’s gym is the first major step on your quest to become the Champion.

That said, players can use a complicated glitch that allows their Trainer to simply walk through the walls of the gym and proceed unfettered. Desiring to bust through the walls of Pewter Gym is certainly bizarre, but we’d wager it’s pretty admirable, too.

23 Exp. All

Professor Oak Pokemon Let's Go

Late in the journey, players can find a character who claims to be Professor Oak’s Aide. If you have enough Pokémon in your collection, he’ll give the helpful tool known as Exp. All that allows your creatures to share Experience Points.

You can find the Aide on the second floor of Route 15’s Gatehouse, and you’ll need a total of 50 Pokémon to get Exp. All. There’s an obnoxious caveat, though: like so many aspects of these games, Exp. All has plenty of bugs associated with it that hinder its utility.

22 The Hidden Escape Rope

For inexperienced players and Pokémon, trekking through one of the game’s many caves can be a very dangerous experience. With battle-ready trainers, disorienting layouts and an endless supply of dreaded Zubats attacking every three steps, you might find yourself on the verge of a terrible defeat.

If you use an Escape Rope, though, you can get out of the maze with no worries, so it’s always good to keep one on hand. To help out, you can find a hidden one in the isolated tree near the Route 12 Gatehouse!

21 Game Freak Studios

Contrary to popular belief, Game Freak was the sole creator and developer of the Pokémon series, not Nintendo. In fact, Pokémon Red and Green (Blue was a later edition that fixed errors) were the first game the studio created that was their very own concept.

They were proud of their creation, and rightfully so, so they decided to stick themselves in their beloved pet project! In Celadon City, you can enter the condominiums and find a group of NPCs working at computers. Feel free to chat with them now, but be sure to visit again when you’ve gotten every Pokémon…

20 The Backdoor Of The Museum

Pewter City is not only the home of Brock and his extremely difficult gym (okay, that’s only in Yellow Version, but whatever), but also the location of the Pewter City Museum.

You can learn about ancient Pokémon when you visit, but the real draw here is the ability to get an Old Amber, which can later be used to bring an Aerodactyl back from extinction. To access the NPC who gives you the Old Amber, simply use cut on the bush next to the main building and enter the door.

19 The Flying House

For a Game Boy game, the world of Red and Blue is impressively large, but to a kid playing it for the first time, it was utterly MASSIVE. Exploring every nook and cranny was (and still is) a ton of fun, but simply walking around is an awfully slow process.

Sure, the Bike will alleviate some of that pain, but if only there was a way to go to any city at will… and luckily, there is. Visit the lone house on Route 16 to be given the HM for Fly! Now instant transit is a button press away.

18 Articuno’s Perch

Pokemon Articuno

The Pokémon series adores having ultra-rare and ultra-powerful trios of Legendary pocket monsters, and that trend was started with the original triad of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. While these three are obtainable, you’ll have to discover their locations on your own.

Articuno is found on the bottom floor of the Seafoam Islands, and it’s no easy task to reach. Should you actually discover this majestic bird, it’s best to pull out all the stops so you can actually catch the thing.

17 Treetops

All video games need boundaries. Many opt for invisible walls (which are obnoxious and immersion breaking), while others use terrain that can’t be bypassed. Pokémon Red and Blue used a combination of impassable terrain, such as shoals, fences, mountains and trees.

Not all obstacles are immovable, though, and HMs like Cut allow you to slice up certain pesky bushes. If you ever wanted to climb one of them, simply Cut the bush, save the game while standing on its stump, and then reload. You’ll be on top of the bush… there’s no point, of course, but it’s still fun.

16 The Global Police Agent

The early Pokémon games, despite being RPGs, were light on plot. This was okay, though, as you really felt like you were doing your own thing, making your own stories in a living, breathing world. What threadbare plot there IS, though, involves the nefarious Team Rocket, and the police activity to stop them.

If you’re cruising too quickly through the SS Anne, you might end up missing the cabin containing a Global Police Agent hot on Team Rocket’s trail! It’s objectively a meaningless moment, but it makes you feel as though you’re getting involved in something serious… especially considering how deeply involved you’ll be by the end of the adventure!

15 Zapdos’ Domain

Zapdos Pokemon

With Articuno, the first Legendary Bird (“first,” “uno,” get it?) captured and added to your collection, you might be wondering where the second one has chosen to remain hidden. The electric titan’s whereabouts are in the abandoned Power Plant on Route 10.

You’ll need to cautiously Surf up the river to find the out-of-reach location, and then prepare yourself for a tough dungeon filled with Pokémon who disguise themselves as Item Balls. The bird is certainly worth the trouble, though, and makes an excellent addition to any team.

14 Mr. Psychic

In Generation I, Psychic Pokémon were… to put this as lightly as possible… inconceivably broken. “Overpowered” doesn’t even cut it as a mild adjective. They were practically unstoppable, and had no real weaknesses (the anime lying about Ghost-types was salt in the wound.)

If you wanted to take advantage of the Psychic-type dominance, just pay a visit to Mr. Psychic in Saffron City, and he’ll give you a TM for Psychic, the move. Armed with that devastating attack, your enemies were in for a world of existential terror and pain.

13 The Corrupt Coast Of Cinnabar Island

There’s an odd fixation with Cinnabar Island in the Pokémon franchise, with it being the birthplace of Mewtwo in Red and Blue, or Gen II destroying it with a volcano. It’s also the home to notorious glitches that gave credence to the ludicrous rumors that somebody’s “uncle who worked at Nintendo” told them.

While not necessarily a “hidden location,” the effects of the glitch might as well make it count, as you can find rare Pokémon and monstrous glitches by simply visiting the Safari Zone, exiting immediately, flying to the island, and then surfing up and down the east coast.

12 Moltres’ Lair

Articuno and Zapdos are excellent Pokémon with devastating power that can make the Elite Four cower, but why stop at two thirds of the trio when you can obtain the full collection? The last piece of the puzzle is the fiery Moltres, and it’s the most difficult of the Legendary Birds to find and catch. First off, you’ll need to have progressed through almost the entire game in order to find Moltres as it awaits you deep within the obnoxiously difficult Victory Road.

11 Misty’s Date Spot

We’re kind of cheating here since the majority of this “hidden locations” value is tied to its appearance in Generation II, but you can still find it and have a laugh in Generation I. In Gold and Silver, you’re able to go to Kanto after conquering Johto, but when you’re off to battle Misty, she can’t be found.

The favorite Gym Leader of many is actually on a date, and she can be found on Route 25. Feel free to visit in Generation I and write a little note for the would-be lovebirds to discover in three years time.

10 The Top Of The Roof In Cinnabar Island

If we’re being honest, this isn’t necessarily a “hidden location," or one that you can go to, but it’s a weird location that someone can go to (under the right circumstances) and it’s bizarre enough to be worth mentioning. An NPC dubbed “the Amazing Man” can be found sitting on top of the Gym’s roof on Cinnabar Island, but only if the proper steps are performed.

Before unlocking the Gym or getting Pokémon Mansion key, fly to the island, surf on the east coast, go back to land right beneath the gym and then walk left. When the locked door message appears, you’ll see the Amazing Man doing his thing.

9 The Unknown Dungeon

Mewtwo in Pokemon The First Movie

Casual players might have noticed a strange cave slightly north of Cerulean City. Adventurous ones might have even tried to explore it, but found their way blocked by a staunch guard. For many, the location likely slipped from memory while they continued their quest… but for those who conquered Indigo Plateau and never forgot, a great quest awaits.

After becoming Champion, the person guarding the door will step aside, and you’ll be able to explore the dangerous “Unknown Dungeon,” where Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokémon, awaits.

8 The Itemfinder

Items like Escape Ropes, Repels, and Potions can be invaluable to rookie players, but sometimes they’re not worth the money they cost to buy. Luckily, there are plenty of items all around the world, free for the taking... with the only problem being that they are invisible.

No matter: simply go to the Route 11 Guardhouse after catching 30 or more Pokémon and speak to the Aide on the top floor. If you’ve met the requirements, you’ll receive the Itemfinder, which, as its name implies, will allow you to detect hidden items with the press of a button.

7 A Missing Door

Celadon City, most famous for its enormous department store (complete with an elevator you can abuse to your heart’s content) has another landmark that’s worth your time. The problem is that you can’t actually see it. In town, there’s a house with no door, but if we use a certain Game Shark code to exit the Prize Exchange from the right, strange things occur, specifically you being teleported around to random locations.

After a few moments of trial and error, you’ll eventually find yourself teleported to where the door to the locked building would have appeared. Still can’t get inside, though.

6 Illogical Fishing Holes

Pokemon Fishing In Statue

Fishing with various rods all throughout Kanto is a great pastime, and the only way to catch certain kinds of Pokémon. Just when you thought you’ve fished everywhere, though, you’ll be surprised to find out about a very strange location that likely went under the radar.

Go to any Pokémon statue, typically founds in Gym or the Indigo Plateau, and try to fish at one. Illogically, you’ll be able to fish from the statue. How or why, we don’t know, but at least you can say you’ve done it.

5 The Invisible PC

Invisible items are scattered about the world of Red and Blue, but what about invisible PCs? Not a traditional “location,” per se, you’ll still be hard pressed to find even hardcore players who laid their fingers on this curiously clear machine.

Enter the Celadon hotel, head to the easternmost wall, position yourself one step away from the desk with plants behind it, and then press A. You’ll turn on a PC you can’t see! Cooler yet, there are even more ghostly PCs out there, but they’re sadly out of bounds.

4 The Twisted Hall Of Fame

Let’s say you did the trick to encounter MissingNo., and let’s say you caught it, or even one of the horrifying mutants that could accompany it. While rumors of destroyed save data regarding capturing the beast were never true, it did have odd effects, especially in the Hall of Fame.

Once becoming Champion, you’re able to access the Hall of Fame in the PC to see your victorious team. After the MissingNo. glitch, however, the Hall of Fame becomes a Fortress Of Abominations, filled with overpowered, glitched out behemoths. It’s totally weird, but still a lot of fun.

3 The Dokokashira Door

We’ve already established multiple times how glitchy the original Pokémon games are, but, believe it or not, there are even glitchier versions. In the West, we had Red and Blue. In truth, these were based on the Japanese “Blue Version,” which was a revision made to the original releases, Red and Green… both of which were even less refined than what we’re used to.

In these versions, you’re able to take advantage of the “Dokokashira Door,” a bug that makes every door in the game lead to a different area every four steps. To do this, start a new game and then switch the position of Oak’s Parcel with your Starter… then prepare for chaos.

2 The Suspicious Truck

Mew Truck

Right off screen from the SS Anne’s location is a truck. This truck’s graphic isn’t found anywhere else in the game and the truck itself serves no purpose. Because of its hidden nature, players were consumed by rumors that stated Mew could be found beneath the truck.

While they ended up being false, there’s still something super suspicious about the truck, and here’s how you can visit it yourself: With a GameShark, clip through the crewman near the SS Anne, Surf through the water and then get onto the land. Once there, investigate as long as you wish.

1 The Battle With Oak

Battle With Professor Oak In Pokemon

This isn’t exactly a location, but it’s an incredibly hidden experience that very few have taken part in. For many, beating the game simply involves taking out the Elite Four and then defeating your Rival. For others wanting to go further, they’ll catch all 151 Pokémon.

But then there are those who dared battle the game’s TRUE final boss: Prof. Oak himself. Seemingly cut at the last minute, the only way to access this battle is through a very complicated glitch… but it’s worth it for a true Pokémon Master.

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