Pokemon: 16 Worst Things To Ever Happen To Misty

Misty remains as one of the most popular characters in the Pokémon franchise. Nostalgic fans remember her as Ash’s companion who hopes to become the world’s best Water type Pokémon trainer. When we first saw Misty, she was a tomboy and never got along with her sisters, vowing to only return as the best Water Pokémon trainer.

Throughout her travels, she grew and matured a lot, becoming closer to her sisters due to her newfound experiences. Misty and Daisy are closer now, and as the current head of the Cerulean Gym, Misty has proven to be a great battler. (She also managed to overcome her fear of Gyarados.)

However, Pokémon journeys are not without their fair share of struggles. In Misty’s case, getting to where she is now required a lot of outside experience away from the sheltered gym. This also meant that, in many cases, she was forced to face her fears.

From getting her bike ruined to getting brainwashed by a Hypno, Misty's journey wasn't all sunshine and rainbows.

With that said, here are the 16 Worst Things That Has Ever Happened To Misty.

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16 She Got Lost in the Illusion Forest

On their way to Violet city, Misty and the gang have to cross through the Illusion Forest, a place where a majority of travelers tend to get lost due to the illusions cast on unfortunate visitors.

Illusion Forest brings one's worst fears to life, and without a Hoothoot, travelers fall for the nightmares and are trapped in their dreams. Misty, Ash, Brock get lost in the forest and begin to have hallucinations of monsters and ghouls until Gary saves them.

Gary advises them to grab a Hoothoot to get out of the forest. Misty’s worst fears involve Bug type Pokémon, and in the middle of the episode, a massive swarm of Bug Pokémon encircle and begin to attack her.

With the help of Hoothoot, Misty and the gang manage to get out from the forest in the nick of time. Hoothoot eventually masters foresight and exposes the Haunters and Ghastlys in the forest that are haunting the gang.

15 She Was Brainwashed By Hypno Into Believing She Was A Seel

Misty also becomes a victim to Hypno’s Hypnosis technique, which causes her to believe that she is a Seel. It is caused by Hypno’s mass sleepwave attack, which is used to help adults who suffer from insomnia at the Pokémon Fan Club to sleep. Thanks to its powers, the adult members don’t have to use sleeping pills to help them sleep.

The mass hypnosis works perfectly, but because the wavelength is altered to affect humans, Pokémon and children are also affected. The mass hypnosis makes the kids believe that they are Pokémon, and they began to disappear in the middle of the night.

The hypnosis also affects Misty, who is hypnotized into believing that  she is a Seel. As a Seel, she leads them to the missing children. The rest of the gang then try to find a cure for her. In the end, she is released from hypnosis.

14 She Was Attacked By A Gang Of Ursaring

Surviving hallucinations from a couple ghost Pokémon is one thing, but actually encountering monsters like a herd of wild Ursarings is quite another. Furthermore, this group of Ursarings can use Hyper Beam, which provides them with the power to obliterate all of their foes.

In one episode, Ash, Brock, and Misty are  on their way to Goldenrod City but decided to stop near a lake side for lunch. Team Rocket appears and then tries to capture Pikachu. Their battle is interrupted, however, by a gang of enraged Ursaring that begin blasting them with Hyper Beams.

Misty gets separated from Ash and Brock and is stuck with James and Meowth. Misty is then chased by Ursarings, as are Team Rocket and the rest of the heroes.

When Ash and the gang finally escape the forest, they discover a beware sign warning travelers to avoid going into the forest due to Ursaring, as it is their mating season.

13 She Was Harassed By Old Moe

Misty Pokemon Bikini

Episode 18 is one of the banned episodes in the original Pokémon episodes. The episode introduces a new character called Moe. At one point, Moe checks out Misty, though the dubbed version states that he is staring at Misty purely because she reminds him of his granddaughter.

However, the original translation states that, if Misty were a few years older, Moe and her would have a lot of fun together. (In the series, it’s confirmed that Misty and Ash are the same age.) The comment verifies that Misty is a minor, and also reveals that Moe is having very inappropriate thoughts about her.

Misty then goes on to participate in a beach beauty contest to raise money for Moe, whose boat is badly damaged, and repay the debt that he owes. Misty wins, and the gang manages to repair Moe’s boat and provide him with enough money to pay off his debts.

12 Her Bike Was Destroyed By Pikachu

We can’t forget the first time that Pikachu totaled Misty's bike in the episode "Pokémon Emergency!" This is the fateful encounter that kickstarted the series, so perhaps fans may want to thank Pikachu-- were it not for the yellow mouse, Misty would have never joined with Ash.

However, it wasn't a great time for Misty. Losing a bike is a big deal in the world of Pokémon– in the original games, a bicycle would cost One Million PokéDollars, and were intended so that players cannot amass that amount until they obtain a bike voucher from Vermillion City.

Misty would used the excuse that Pikachu had destroyed her bike to follow Ash, and eventually, forgot about the bike’s existence. The journey became the her focus and her adventures were what kept her going.

It wasn’t until the end of the Johto series-- 200 episodes later-- that the show brought the bike back.

11 She Was Abandoned By Her Parents

Although this isn’t recognized as canon, the original Pokémon series screenwriter Takeshi Shudo was in charge of the Pocket Monsters: Animation, a light novel series that elaborated on the unanswered questions frpom the anime series.

There are limited translations of the original books, and the Pokémon Company never had a wide release of the official novels outside of Japan. It’s a good thing they didn’t, however, since some of the explanations for Pokémon species and character backgrounds are definitely not part of the lore.

For starters, the novel explains that Pokémon appeared out of nowhere on the seventh day, in reference to Genesis. Pokémon were created as "extras," coexisting with humans as neither can dominate the other.

Shudo explained that Misty’s parents left one day, and both she and her siblings had to take on duties at the gym. Not once did Misty and her sisters talk about their parents– it’s never stated if her parents came back. Shudo intended to write more behind-the-scenes secrets about the original series, but more was never released and Shudo’s passing ended any hopes of volume three.

10 She Received A Makeover From Team Rocket

In one episode of Pokémon, Team Rocket decide to do the makeup of various Pokémon, as well as Misty. In "Pokemon Fashion Flash," Team Rocket open up a Pokémon Beauty Salon to compete against Suzy’s Pokémon Beauty Salon.

Many trainers take their Pokemon to these salons, which helps the Pokémon find their inner strength. (Funny enough, the later Pokémon beauty contests in the games would include dress up for the appeal process.)

Misty and Ash get into a fight about the inner and outer beauty of a Pokémon, with Misty choose the latter as the most important and believing that Pokémon should have a chance to dress up and look cute. She then takes her Psyduck to Salon Roquet, but there's a surprise in store for her.

Team Rocket then provide Misty with a makeover. Eventually, their cover is blown. Meowth explains their plan in detail, not only in front of Misty, but also to their former customers after Psyduck exposes Salon Roquet as a Rocket hideout.

9 She Had To Participate In The Underwater Ballet Show

When Misty returns to the Cerulean Gym, she gets dragged into the underwater ballet show. She only has one day to rehearse with her sisters before the show opens to the public.

At first, Misty doesn't agree to any of it, but Daisy, her eldest sister, begs Misty to play the leading role because their current underwater show sales took a dip due to a lack of variety. Daisy tells her that if their sales continue like this, the Sensational Sisters and the Gym will have to close. Seeing that there's no choice in the matter, Misty agrees to take the role, despite the fact that performing in shows are far outside of her comfort zone.

On opening day, Team Rocket, crashes the party, as expected, and threaten the Water Pokémon. However, Misty and the gang sends Team Rocket flying with the help of Dewgong.

The show becomes an instant hit, and her sisters decide to include more Pokémon and even take in Misty's Starmie and Horsea for their next show.

8 Her Face Was Covered By Spinarak's String Shot

It’s known in the Pokémon fandom that Misty loathes Bug type Pokémon. So it’s understandable that having a team of Spinarak use string shot to cover her face is enough to traumatize the bug-phobic Misty.

Spinarak’s silky web is actually accepted as a skin care remedy that is used to provide healthy younger skin. This is demonstrated two times in the series. In "Ariados Amigos," Misty enrolls in the Pokémon Jujitsu Academy with the gang and decides to take the Health and Nutrition class, which is given once every year. Little does she know that Health and Nutrition are about learning how to make beauty masks with Spinarak.

This isn;t the last time Misty’s face gets mummified, though. During their travels, Ash, Misty, and Brock encounter a traveling witch who is searching for ingredients for a spell that can read a Pokémon’s mind. One of her spells involves making Misty’s skin healthy with a Spinarak. Poor Misty.

7 She Was Burned By Vulpix’s Flamethrower... Twice

In episode "Pokemon Fashion Flash," Misty gets hit directly in the face by Vulpix’s fire attacks... two times. The first time happens when she picks up Vulpix without the Pokémon’s permission, and it turns and hits her full in the face.

The second time happens when she is caught in Vulpix’s Fire Spin that is targeted at Team Rocket. It is not a good day for Misty. The real hero of the episode is Brock, who not only learns a lot about Pokémon breeding, but also obtains his very own Vulpix.

Compared to Brock’s other Pokémon, Vulpix is distant and doesn’t warm up to other new Pokémon or travelers. It only eats Suzy’s or Brock’s Pokémon food and actually acts like a diva most of the time. This might explain its fiery temperament when angered. Eventually, Vulpix becomes a valuable team member in Brock’s party.

6 She Was Kicked In The Head By Mankey

Ash and Brock aren’t the only protagonists who are meant to provide slapstick humor. The show isn’t afraid to animate Misty and poke fun at her in some insane situations.

In "Primape Goes Bananas," Mankey steals a rice ball from the gang. Though the dubbed version refered to this rice ball as a donut. Ash chases after the Mankey and catches it. The Mankey gets upset and throws the riceball at him in its fury. The Mankey then goes on a rampage because it just lost its lunch and charges at Ash as payback.

However, in his fury, the Mankey kicks Misty on the back of her head as an extra push to leap and steal Ash’s hat. Fortunately, Misty doesn't suffer any head trauma. Though, if this were to happen in real life, the kick would have easily caused serious harm.

5 She Visited Murcott Island, The Home Of Bug Type Pokémon

Misty gets dragged into one terrible bug incident after the next. If you thought that receiving a string shot to the face was bad enough, imagine having to visit  an island that is filled with Bug type Pokémon.

During the Orang Island saga, Tracy takes Ash and Misty to Murcott Island-- the home of Bug type Pokémon. As you'd expect, Misty does not take this news well when she discovers that the island is filled with insect Pokémon, and attempts to stay as far away from the island as possible at the edge of the shore. Ash even tries to catch a Caterpie but Misty grabs him by the ear and leads him away.

Misty tries to get over her fear of bugs, but isn's successful. She does learn to tolerate a few insect Pokémon, however. For example, Misty is okay with Tracey’s Venonat, and when a Scyther joins his team, Misty is fine with the Mantis Pokemon, despite the fact that she was terrified of both of them during their first encounter.

4 She and the Gang Were Attacked By Gyarados

Only in the world of Pokémon would our heroes get completely stranded. "Pokémon Shipwreck" involves the St. Anne boat sinking below the sea. The gang then becomes trapped in the ocean depths.

A hoard of Gyarados appears and attacks them, and the Pokémons' powerful Dragon Rage destroys the boat and separates the gang from Team Rocket. Originally, one of the Gyarados belonged to James-- it was his Magikarp until he released it into the wild with an abusive kick to the chest.

The episode focuses on Misty and her fear of monster-like Pokémon. However, this wouldn’t be the last time that she would see the sea monsters. She and the gang would go on to encounter Gyarados, and Misty would high-tail out of the situation, despite the fact that she is a Water type Pokémon trainer.

3 She Was Presumed Dead After the ST. Anne Sunk

In the "Pokémon Shipwreck" episode, Misty and the rest of her friends are believed to be dead after the St. Anne sunk below the sea. Officer Jenny provides a brief In-Memoriam speech at the beginning of the episode to honor the fallen passengers.

She and her fellow officers salute our fallen heroes, unaware that they are still alive in the ship. It’s a good thing that Officer Jenny doesn't get a chance to report their names to their families, or else it the story would have taken a dark turn when Ash reunited with his mother two episodes later.

How they got into this predicament is an interesting story. The St. Anne is based on the game’s counterpart the SS Anne, a luxury cruise liner that travels between Vermillion City and the Kanto Region.

Misty and the gang won cruise tickets from Team Rocket, but had no idea that there would be a heist and they, along with the other passengers, would have t give up their Pokémon. Ash tried to trade with a wealthy gentleman in order to get his Butterfree back, which resulted in him, Misty, Brock, and Team Rocket, being the last passengers on the ship.

2 She Was Almost Murdered

Ash’s Squirtle used to be a part of the Squirtle Squad-- an infamous group of pranksters who later turned a new leaf and now work with Officer Jenny. Fans may remember the little rascal in the original anime, and how they all turned out to have hearts of gold.

However, Squirtle’s antics sometimes go way too far. When Pikachu gets hurt after they successfully steal him from the gang, Ash makes a promise with Squirtle that he’ll return with a super potion to heal Pikachu.

If Ash doesn’t return, the Squirtle Squad will dye Misty’s hair purple. In the actual audio, apparently the Squirtle threatened to kill Misty if Ash didn’t return. Squirtle doesn't really mean this, of course,  and eventually they release the gang because they have no intention of hurting anyone-- they just enjoy playing pranks on humans.

1 She Was Almost Swallowed By A Gyarados

If you’ve ever wondered why Misty is terrified of Gyarados, it’s because she nearly got swallowed by one. Understandably, it makes sense that she becomes terrified of the Pokémon.

When she was a baby, Misty crawled into a Gyarados mouth, and the Gyarados, thinking that Misty was some prey, tried to eat her. However, it eventually realized that she was unappetizing and spat her out. (Seriously, where are the adults when the show needs them?) Since then, her childhood memory gave her plenty of reasons to run away from Gyarados.

The original anime series doesn't actually address this fear, which left many fans thinking it was purely  because Gyarados are a terrifyingly big beasts. It is eventually revealed in the Pokémon Chronicles episode "Cerulean Blues!," in an episode that focuses on Misty. The episode was aired after A Togepi Mirage in the US.


Can you think of any other awful things that have happened to Misty during her Pokémon journey? Let us know in the comment section!

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