Pokémon Masters Mobile Game Already Has 5 Million Pre-registrations

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The release of Pokémon Masters is quickly approaching and the game has already garnered a whopping five million pre-registrations from players across the world. The game is an upcoming RPG for mobile phones that allows players to form teams with famous Pokémon trainers from different locations in the franchise in order to take on the 3-on-3 Pokémon Masters League.

All of the characters in the game can only use a single Pokémon as part of the "Sync Pair" mechanic. The roster of characters currently include the likes of Brock, Misty, the Kanto Elite Four from Pokémon Red & Blue, Clair from Pokémon Gold & Silver, Drake from Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, Barry and Cynthia from Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, Iris from Pokémon Black & White, and Kahili from Pokémon Sun & Moon. The player must form a team with one of these classic Pokémon trainers in order to take on the Pokémon Masters League, which involves fast-paced real-time battles rather than turn-based ones. Pokémon Masters is a free-to-start game that includes in-app purchases. For example, the ability to unlock new "Sync Pairs" is tied to a random loot box mechanic where the player spends gems in order to acquire new characters, but players can also unlock them faster by spending real money if they so choose.

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Pokémon Masters is due to be released on August 29 and has already achieved a staggering number of pre-registrations. DeNa, the developer of Pokémon Masters, and The Pokémon Company have stated that the game already has five million pre-registrations so far from players across the world. The already huge install base for Pokémon Masters spans across both Android and iOS users. The pre-registration covers those who have signed up for the game to automatically download on to their devices once it's officially released at the end of August.

There have been several different Pokémon mobile games released following the incredible success of Pokémon Gowhich is now the biggest mobile game in US history. Unfortunately, the issue with most Pokémon mobile games is that none of them have replicated the gameplay of the main Pokémon games, such as the action-focused Pokémon RushPokémon Masters seems to be catered more towards the fans of the mainline Pokémon series, due to the similar battle system and the cast of classic characters, which is the kind of idea that fans have been crying out for.

Pokémon Go has been downloaded over a billion times and The Pokémon Company has tried to replicate that success with other mobile games. The incredible amount of interest that Pokémon Masters has already garnered shows just how much the fans want to see content that is similar to the established Pokémon games on mobile phones. Whether or not it skyrockets to the same amount of success as Pokémon Go still remains to be seen, but with the track record that it's currently on it sure seems like a possibility.

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Source: The Pokémon Company

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