Increasing Your Pokémon Masters Level Cap Is Actually Quite Easy

Pokemon Masters Raise Level Cap Guide

The Pokémon Masters Level Cap sounds like it will gate players pretty heavily, but in practice, it's actually pretty easy to raise as long as trainers know what they're doing with it when the time comes. Pokémon Masters is a smash hit in its early days, with developer DeNA capitalizing on the fact that the games had already eclipsed 5 million pre-registered users over the course of this summer with a gameplay experience that is so unique within the franchise that fans are responding positively to the breath of fresh air.

Of course, with any major mobile gaming release comes the dreaded server issues that typically follow, and Pokémon Masters has been no exception to the rule. Pokémon Masters Error 20101 has been wreaking havoc on the player base's attempts to stay logged in, making the Pokémon Masters Level Cap harder to explore and understand as a result. Luckily, enough players have been pushing through the server-side issues to explore Pokémon Masters Level Cap gameplay and help offer would-be top-tier trainers a glimpse into what they'll need to do to ensure their leveling process remains smooth through the game's progression.

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The initial Pokémon Masters Level Cap is 30, but it can immediately rocket up to 45 with the simple completion of one special quest. There are also Pokémon Masters Level Caps on Sync Pairs within the game, which will require different items for each, but these are relatively straightforward - players need only find the items through training missions, for the most part, though higher levels will take longer time. When it comes to the player's Pokémon Masters Level Cap, though, there's a quick rundown that will help anyone looking to progress do so as swiftly and efficiently as possible:

Pokemon Masters Error Code 20101 Fix Guide

How To Increase Level Cap in Pokémon Masters

To increase the Pokémon Masters Level Cap up from its initial 30, players will need to do a few things. First, players need to progress far enough into the Pokémon Masters story to get their first badge and speak with Professor Bellis, who will then give them the Special Training Mission: Battle Techniques in the Battle Area. Players will then need to complete one more mission: "Reach Past Your Limits," the Pokémon Masters Level Cap mission that unlocks the option for those who are able to complete it.

"Reach Past Your Limits" will see Professor Bellis pit players against a powerful trainer. All that's required to increase the Pokémon Masters Level Cap is to win the fight, which will immediately unlock the level cap option in Trinnia's menu at the Pokémon Center.

Important Things to Remember For The Pokémon Masters Level Cap

  • The higher level cap players try to unlock, the more items required and the harder it is to obtain them - basic mobile game leveling fare here.
  • Unlocking the first Pokémon Masters Level Cap allows players to progress from level 30 to level 45. The next unlock allows players to go from 45 to 60, but is more difficult to obtain.
  • Trying to unlock the Pokémon Masters Level Cap prior to speaking to Professor Bellis is not an option. The Training Menu will not show the option until players have progressed far enough to have the option available to them.

As it turns out, it's pretty easy to raise a player's Pokémon Masters Level Cap. It's a nice feature that gives trainers a sense of accomplishment while not stubbornly gating players with less free time out of the game's upper tier.

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