Pokemon Let's Go: How to Get Past the Pokemon Tower Ghost

Players may be quick to write off Pokemon Let's Go as easier versions of the Game Boy classic Pokemon Yellow Version. While there's value in having a title that's more accessible, hence the new catching mechanics and improved tactics for finding a shiny Pokemon, newcomers to this Kanto region adventure may get caught up on one part in particular – the ghost in Pokemon Tower.

Longtime fans will know all about the quest for the Silph Scope and a dreary reunion for Cubone, as it's one of the most memorable and morbid ventures in the game. Still, anyone struggling can simply reference this guide to aid them on their journey through the Pokemon Tower.

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First and foremost, players will need to have reached Lavender Town, where the aforementioned Pokemon Tower is located. As a final resting placing for Pocket Monsters in the region, it's a very dreary sight to be sure. Unsurprisingly, this is where the ghost resides, but players will first encounter their rival chasing Cubone into the tower before battling them. After reaching a certain floor, the ghost will appear and block the path of the wannabe Pokemon Master – forcing them to turn around and head back the way they came.

Players shouldn't be too discouraged about having to pull a U-turn, as this is all part of the plan. Upon departing the area and going to the Pokemon Center, trainers will encounter Team Rocket's Jesse, James, and Meowth plotting something sinister. They'll then take off West towards Celadon City, where the infamous Rocket Game Corner is located.

Listening in on Team Rocket's conversation in the Rocket Game Corner establishment will tip players off about a secret entrance behind a poster – the same poster that's being blocked by a lowly Rocket Grunt. When confronting the individual, they'll challenge the player to a battle. Upon defeat, gamers can enter the hideout and take down operations for the shady organization. Upon defeating their leader (who's a rather tough customer), players will be awarded the Silph Scope.

Now trainers are ready to confront the ghost in the Pokemon Tower that originally blocked their way, and in doing so they'll trigger an emotional cutscene. As a reward for freeing the conflicted spirit, Pokemon Let's Go players will eventually receive the Poke Flute. As it turns out, this item is what's needed to wake up Snorlax in Pokemon Let's Go, allowing players to then catch the the rotund beast. Ironically, putting one spirit to rest seems to be the key to awakening another in these games, and that is no different in Pokemon: Let's Go.

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