Pokemon Let's Go: How to Get Surf & Sea Skim Secret Techniques

Pokemon Lets Go Sea Skim

In Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, players have a chance to wander a fantastical world and catch the best Pokémon for their collection - and using the game's surf and sea skim is one of the easiest ways to traverse the world. Being the best there ever was means finding all the Pokémon in the world, as well as training them to become bigger, better and stronger.

Once Pokémon get their training, they're ready for battle and can go up against other trainers' Pokémon. Winning battles means collecting more creatures, as well as some cool items that help trainers continue in their quest. But finding certain trainers and Pokémon means traveling all over the world of Pokémon Let's Go. And some places in the game are a little harder to get to, and those places require specific skills, such as the skills that allow players to travel over water.

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The best way to travel across the water in Pokémon Let's Go is by using Sea Skim. This Secret Technique will allow trainers to get across those large bodies of water to parts of the world that are otherwise inaccessible. But how does one go about getting this technique?

Pokemon Lets Go Sea Skim Training

The first thing players need to do in obtaining Sea Skim is to go to Fuschia City. Once there, head to Pokémon Go park (this is where players can transfer their Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let's Go). Just outside of Pokémon Go park is a man with a surfboard and a Lapras: talk to him. He will offer to teach the Sea Skim Secret Technique. It's as easy as that.

Although most players might think that the Sky Dash Secret Technique offers an easier way to get around the world of Kanto, Sea Skim is still necessary to get to certain areas, including the Power Plant. So learning it is essential for those who want to make their way to every location in the world. As the game is about collecting every single Pokémon available, it's important to know how to get to everywhere and having the skills needed to do so.

For those who want to use the Surf skill, it's available in the game as a Technical Machine in the game, TM 47 Players looking for that can find it on Route 15. Having Sea Skim and Surf will prove invaluable for those players who want to spend their time surfing and skimming all the bodies of water in Kanto.

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