Wallace's Milotic Pokemon

We mentioned the difficulty of catching Magikarp copycat Feebas in another recent article on the rarest Pokémon in games. This small, weak fish Pokémon first debuted in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, and can only be caught in a very specific lake on Route 119. The lake is fairly

large, but Feebas will only spawn on six tiles within the water, and can only be found with a fishing rod.

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What’s more, the six spots that Feebas appears change periodically, as they’re tied to the trendy phrase that the player can set in Dewford Town, on the other side of the map – this means that, unless you keep the phrase the same (it changes periodically) the location of Feebas will shift at random each time you visit the lake.

If you do manage to find a Feebas, the hard work’s not over yet – in its original appearance, Feebas will only evolve when its beauty stat is maxed out, so you have to feed it berries before levelling it up. None of this is explained in the game, so there’s no way of knowing any of this without reading a walkthrough.

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