Pokemon Go Vet Makes Poke Centers a Reality

Pokemon Centre Nurse Joy

With Pokemon Go's popularity reignited in the wake of Pokemon Let's Go and the recent updates to the mobile game, there's been a definite uptick in players and interest on social media. It's not just adding new Pokemon to the mix: the technology behind the AR mode in the app has been updated, and a Pokemon Go vet clinic in Mexico is taking that to a whole new level.

This AR update was introduced earlier this year and it made it so that the Pokemon you encounter on your travels can interact with the environment around them on your screen. The idea of having a Pikachu frolicking just ahead of you on the street is a reality now in Pokemon Go, even if the scaling and the way that the Pokemon models interact with the captured environment is a little off.

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These small glitches haven't stopped AR screenshots of Pokemon in our world being a hit. A veterinary clinic in Mexico is now home to the first officially documented Pokemon Go vet in history. NerdBot reported on how this clinic has been posting pictures to their Facebook of staff interacting with the AR Pokemon.

The pictures show smiling vet staff attending to various Pokemon including Togepi and Ninetails. While it's not quite certain what medical procedures these various Pokemon are undergoing, they're all looking relatively soothed so it's probably safe to assume that the Pokemon Go vet is making sure that they're all healed up and ready for battle.

It's interesting to see how innovative fans have become with documenting their use of Pokemon Go's new and improved AR technology. The integration of Pokemon into tangible, comparable experiences in the sense of a Poke Center functioning parallel to a vet clinic in the real world is fascinating.

Pokemon GO Vet Ninetails

We definitely can't wait to see where else this tech goes. Now that Nintendo has revealed VR Support for the Switch, perhaps this is something that could see further development in Pokemon Sword and Shield if the company continues to push for Pokemon Go to be used as something of a companion app. One can only hope that the iteration of AR and/or VR technology being used in the latest Pokemon games will measure up to the experience currently being provided on the mobile app.

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Source: Nerdbot

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