How Trainer PvP Battles Work in Pokemon GO

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With PvP finally arriving on Pokémon GO, it's time for trainers to start learning how it will work so that they can be the best there ever was. PvP (player versus player) is a feature that players of the mobile game have been clamoring for since its release and, fortunately, it's almost here.

When Pokémon GO first released in 2016, it took the world by storm. It seemed that everyone was playing the game, which uses augmented reality to allow players to catch Pokémon in their backyards - quite literally. The game uses GPS that lets players track, train, and capture Pokémon in real-world locations. Since then, the game has seen over 800 million downloads with the title earning billions of dollars through in-app purchases. And Pokémon GO doesn't show any signs of stopping any time soon, which is good news for players.

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Last month, Pokémon GO developer Niantic announced that a new update to the game will give players access to PvP trainer battles, which is sure to bring even more players into the game. This feature will allow players to challenge both friends and strangers in Pokémon battles, with the winner reaping a share of in-game rewards. But how exactly will PvP work? Here's a guide to help figure it all out.

The first step of engaging in a PvP battle is to find a nearby opponent. Finding opponents is easy: hit the button on the bottom right of the map screen and then choose "Battle." The game will provide a list of nearby players available for PvP. Players willing to engage in PvP must scan each others' QR codes. Once that's done, a battle can take place. Also, if you're either Ultra or Best Friends with an opponent, there is no need to be near them to initiate a battle. For those players a little nervous about battling friends, practice battles are available with the Team Leaders. Battles are also available with Leagues, but most have a cap so that trainers can't just use their most powerful Pokémon.

One thing that players will find is that PvP battles are different gym and raid battles. In PvP, you only pick three Pokémon, instead of the usual six. But you can swap between the three creatures mid-battle, if necessary. Another difference is that PvP battles are timed: you only have a certain amount of minutes to either win or lose: the winner is the trainer with the most Pokémon left at the end of the battle or the trainer with the most HP left.

Battles still happen in real time and require tapping the screen to unleash one of two charged moves. Please note that the second charged move will cost Candy. Trainers also have access to Protect Shields, which they can use to defend against attacks from other trainers. These are limited, though, so use them wisely. PvP battles will add an exciting new element to Pokémon GO, especially as it's a feature that players have requested more than anything else. With these handy tips, the PvP battles should be fun and engaging and keep trainers fighting it out for years to come.

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