VIDEO: Pokémon GO Fan Has A Unique Strategy To Catch ’Em All

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One serious Pokémon GO player has a unique and clever way of playing the game that allows him to catch as many Pokémon as possible. This player, who uses multiple phones strapped to his bicycle, is determined to be the very best like no one ever was.

When Pokémon GO released in 2016, it took the world by storm. The augmented reality game allows players to use their smartphones to find Pokémon creatures in their environment, hit them with a Pokéball and then catch and collect them. Those creatures could then go to battle with other players' creatures, allowing players to compete for territories, known as gyms. The game became so popular just after its release that the world was inundated with news related to the game, including how mobs of players were showing up at local parks, how some people were using the game as a fitness tool and how it was bringing people together in a way never before thought possible. It also quickly became one of the biggest mobile games in history.

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Now, two years later, Pokémon GO remains as popular as ever and it still has its share of hardcore fans. According to ABC News, one of those fans is Chen San-Yuan from Taiwan, who came up with his own fascinating system to catch 'em all. San-Yuan has a contraption on his bicycle that allows him to use 15 phones to search for Pokémon at any given time. He rides his bike through the city streets and uses each phone to track down Pokémon. He also doesn't have to worry about battery life since he has custom battery packs that keep him playing through all hours of the night.

The 70-year-old San-Yuan first learned about the game from his grandson, but then he decided to take it to an entirely different level. He spends about $300 per month on in-game purchases. That's in addition to the nearly $5,000 he paid to soup up his bicycle. He says he enjoys the game because it allows him to meet other Pokémon GO players when he's out on his bike.

Pokémon GO celebrated its two-year anniversary earlier this year with a reported $1.8 billion in income made for its developer, Niantic. The company continues to create updates and new content for the game, which is sure to keep players all over the world spending big and coming back for more.

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Source: ABC News

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