You Won't Believe How Much Money Pokémon GO Has Made

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Pokémon GO has officially hit a revenue of $1.8 billion on its two-year launch anniversary. The Niantic-created app took the world by storm when it released in July 2016, and it has proven to be an immense success by attracting players from all over the globe.

Pokémon GO is an app that was developed by Niantic and Nintendo based on the ever-loved Pokémon franchise. The mobile game focuses around augmented reality and allows the player to become their very own Pokémon trainers. Players are able to create their own avatar which can then be moved while the player moves around in the real world. To progress and catch different Pokémon and visit different locations, players have to physically travel to various destinations. Due to the love of the Pokémon franchise, the app quickly received a lot of attention from millions of iOS and Android users. Not only did it become a trending topic, but it received an overwhelmingly positive response from communities as players were getting more involved in real-world activities.

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In a report by SensorTower, it’s now been revealed that the app has made a staggering revenue of $1.8 billion. The app has just celebrated it’s 2-year launch anniversary and figures show that players are still spending more than $2 million each day by using the app. While the excitement around the app’s release has subsided over the past 24 months, it still proves to be a very popular game for all ages. It was estimated that the game broke the $1 billion milestone in January 2017, and these new figures indicate that it’s not far from breaking $2 billion soon either.

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With the confirmation of these figures, the breakdown of the app’s revenue has also been released, showing which countries have spent the most on the app. The United States accounts for 34 percent of the revenue for the game, with Japan following at a close 28 percent. It has also been released that the game actually received the majority of its revenue through Google Play downloads, which make up 58 percent of its revenue.

Even though the intensity around the app has significantly diminished since its initial launch, it’s still very much loved by old and new Pokémon fans far and wide. After making its 74-day claim of being the highest earning app on iOS devices during the summer of its release, it still holds a foothold as one of the top 10 highest grossing apps throughout 21 countries. With new content continuously being released, it’s likely that the game won’t be seeing a decrease in interest any time soon. In fact, with the new development of the app’s technology – such as now being able to trade Pokémon with different users – it’s likely that the second year anniversary will see a spike in the interest of Pokémon GO once again.

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Source: SensorTower

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