Pokemon GO: Meltan Research Guide

Pokemon GO Meltan Research Guide

Pokemon GO players can catch Meltan without having to play Pokemon Let's Go, Eevee and PikachuPokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu have shattered records for the Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have been gable to gather lots of attention from consumers in the wake of their release. One of the core selling points for the titles are their ability to connect to Pokemon GO, which in turn grants them the option to do several otherwise impossible things – like catch Meltan.

Trainers can also transfer creatures from Pokemon GO over to Let's Go, but the main appeal lies within connecting the two games to receive Meltan and eventually its evolution Melmetal. While the key to getting Meltan in Let's Go stems from transferring the creature over from the mobile game, Pokemon GO users don't actually need the Switch titles at all in order to secure the liquid-metal creature.

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There is currently a set of Field Research Tasks available for Pokemon GO users that, once completed, will allow players to catch themselves a Meltan. There are quite a few of these tasks, but following this guide should help ease the process of securing the Pocket Monster without spending the cash necessary for a brand new Nintendo Switch console and a copy of Let's Go Eevee or Pikachu.

Pokemon GO's Meltan Research Quest 1

  • Spin 5 Pokestops or Gyms
  • Catch 10 Pokémon
  • Transfer 5 Pokémon

This is pretty straightforward. Just grind it out and you'll be on to Quest 2 in no time. You'll also earn 1,000 Stardust, 10 Pokeballs, and an Egg Incubator for your troubles.

Pokemon GO's Meltan Research Quest 2

  • Earn 2 Candies walking with your buddy
  • Make 10 great throws
  • Hatch 3 eggs

The most difficult part of this challenge is hatching three eggs and earning two candies with a buddy Pokemon, but it can be done relatively quickly. Simply make sure an easy walking buddy is equipped (try Magikarp who only requires 2KM per candy) and utilize the Egg Incubator that was received in the last Quest. The rewards? 2,000 Stardust, two Lucky Eggs, and a Fast TM.

Pokemon GO's Meltan Research Quest 3

  • Catch a Ditto
  • Win 2 gym battles
  • Battle in 2 Raids

Catching a Ditto is one of the most difficult things to do in the game, as it disguises itself as other Pokemon. Try catching Pidgey, Ratatta, Zubat, Gastly, Mankey, Sentret, Yanma, Hoothoot, Zigzagoon, Whismur, or Gulpin as the creature will appear in those guises. The reward for doing so is 10 Great Balls, three Incense, and three Max Revives.

Pokemon GO's Meltan Research Quest 4

  • Catch 5 Steel-type Pokémon
  • Catch 5 Electric-type Pokémon
  • Earn 5 Candies walking with your buddy

Again, the most challenging part of this Quest will be earning candies with a companion Pokemon. Still, the physical walking should help in finding the five Electric and five Steel-types needed. Completing this will set players up with 4,000 Stardust, five Pinap Berries, and five Rare Candies.

Pokemon GO's Meltan Research Quest 5

  • Evolve a Grimer
  • Catch 5 Slugma or Gulpin
  • Make 20 great throws

Those that have been waiting for the perfect moment to evolve their Alolan Grimer will find this challenge to be a relief. Meanwhile, Gulpin is a fairly common spawn that will likely appear while walking around. Completing this will award players with 5,000 Stardust, 20 Great Balls, and five Lure Modules.

Pokemon Lets Go How To Catch Meltan

Pokemon GO's Meltan Research Quest 6

  • Evolve a Magnemite
  • Catch 5 Exeggcute
  • Battle in 10 Raids

Hopefully players have saved up enough candies to evolve a Magnemite before this. As for catching Exeggcute, this should happen as players walk around because the creature isn't all that uncommon. Finally, trainers don't necessarily have to win the raids they take part in, so they are free to jump in and then jump out with their daily raid pass to complete this challenge. Finishing off this quest will net them a Silver Pinap Berry, a Metal Coat, and 10 Ultra Balls.

Pokemon GO's Meltan Research Quest 7

  • Evolve 1 Drowzee
  • Catch 1 Cubone
  • Evolve 1 Scyther

The Metal Coat awarded during the completion of the last Quest is essential here. Players need only ensure that they have enough Scyther candies and they should be able to move on to the final challenges pretty quickly. The rewards given for completing this Quest line? 10 Ultra Balls, a Charged TM, and three Premium Raid Passes.

Pokemon GO's Meltan Research Quest 8

  • Catch 2 Omanyte or Kabuto
  • Catch 2 Lileep or Anorith
  • Catch an Aerodactyl

The focus here is on fossil Pokemon for this near-final Quest, and the most challenging aspect of it will be securing an Aerodactyl. These creatures can often be found as bosses in Raids, which should increase a player's odds of encountering one. After completing this, users will receive 8,000 Stardust, a Star Piece, and a coveted encounter with Meltan.

Pokemon GO's Meltan Research Quest 9

Trainers will have completed everything at this point, allowing them to gather up the remainder of the rewards, which are 9,000 Stardust, a Super Incubator, and five Meltan Candies. Congratulations to all that make it this far.


That wraps up how to get Meltan in Pokemon GO without the need to connect the mobile title to Pokemon Let's Go. There are still a lot more of these creatures required to get its evolved form of Melmetal within Pokemon GO – requiring a total of 400 candies to evolve Meltan. Still, this is a great start for Switch-less players hoping to build their Pokedex.

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