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Lucky Pokemon Niantic

Niantic's Pokémon GO is introducing Lucky Pokémon as a new feature to the mobile game, but the latest announcement is already facing a big problem. Hoping to bring long-lost players back to Pokémon GO, the update has unfortunately jumped the gun with its marketing campaign.

Lucky Pokémon were first teased by the game's official Twitter and then confirmed via patch notes, in-game notifications, and a blog post on Pokémon The idea is that old Pokémon can be traded with other players and possibly become lucky - with a sparkly background. As gamers excitedly delved into the depths of their Pokédex to swap their oldest pocket monsters, Niantic was late to the party as it confirmed the feature isn't actually live yet.

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Safe to say, confusion soon gripped Pokémon GO and Niantic was forced to post a follow-up tweet explaining what's been going on:

Although the game is slowly updating around the world, developers are urging players to hold off until the latest version is live for everyone. Considering the little critters can only be traded once, this could be a case of too little too late as players are rightly annoyed they have wasted some potentially Lucky Pokémon. Niantic is usually on the ball with keeping Pokémon trainers informed about what's going on in Pokémon GO, so the incident is a rare misstep. While it could've helped lure fans back to the game, the announcement of Lucky Pokémon has turned into a PR nightmare for the company.

Thankfully, for those who are willing to wait a little longer, Lucky Pokémon could be a big draw. Although trading old Pokémon from back in the title's early days doesn't guarantee they will be lucky, the few that end up with the trait will require less Stardust to level up. With less Stardust needed, players can build a super-strong team in only a fraction of the time.

Even two years after Pokémon GO first launched, Niantic is continuing to push the game further. Although the likes raids, trades, and friends have tried to keep numbers steady as the market for AR gaming becomes more saturated, many fans are still waiting for PvP battles in Pokémon GO. Importantly, Niantic is still evolving Pokémon GO in hopes that it can keep grabbing headlines. There is still no word on when Lucky Pokémon will officially join Pokémon GO, but everyone should keep their eyes peeled for those sparkly showstoppers.

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