Pokemon GO's January 2019 Community Day Includes Totodile

What has kept players coming back to Pokemon GO is the fact that the game has continued to grow since launch through major updates – trainer battles appeared in Pokemon GO only just recently – and monthly community events. The mobile title took the world by storm been it arrived in 2016, and Pokemon GO has continued to gross millions of dollars every month ever since.

January 2019 community event has just been detailed for fans, confirming that Gold and Silver Version's starter Pokemon, Totodile, will be the focus this time around. Developer Niantic took to the official Pokemon GO website, PokemonGOLive, to announce the event, and inform aspiring Pokemon Masters that January's Community Day will kick off on January 12, 2019. Much like other events, it will take place from 2pm-5pm EST (11am-2pm PST) and it will feature a number of incentives for anyone willing to open up the Pokemon GO app and begin playing during that day.

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For example, the event will allow trainers to hatch Eggs with 1/4 of the previously required distance, making it much easier for the them to obtain rare Pokemon that can only be hatched. Additionally, Lures will last three hours instead of thirty minutes during this event, which means that players will be able to have one operating for the entirety of the Community Day – making it easier to catch Pokemon.

Since the focus will be on Totodile, it's likely that the event will mark the first time that a shiny variant of the creature will be available in the game. Furthermore, anyone that evolves Totodile into its final evolution, Feraligatr, during this time will be awarded for their effort with an exclusive move for the Water-type. It's really a double whammy for fans.

Admittedly, this upcoming Community Day is less noteworthy than December's Pokemon GO event, which played host to 11 Pocket Monsters and all of their shiny forms (as well as the rest of the above treatment) spread out over an entire weekend. In that light, it's not out of the question to suggest that Totodile may emerge as part of a December 2019 Community Day, but those that are unwilling to wait that long for a chance to round out the Johto portion of their Pokedex will want to make sure that they are playing Pokemon GO on January 12.

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