Pokémon GO Gets an Honest Game Trailer

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Ever since the original Pokemon animated series and video games launched in the late 1990s, there's no doubt been many players who wished that they could somehow take their favorite franchise with them into the real world. The trailers for Nintendo's Pokemon GO seemingly promised fans that experience, but did it deliver?

Financially, the answer seems to mostly be yes, as the Pokemon GO craze has wasted no time in sweeping the world, luring millions of gamers outside into their local areas in search of their favorite creatures. That said, it's hard to argue that the initial elaborately animated previews for Pokemon GO didn't exactly match the decidedly simple gameplay offered in reality.

Whether those differences ultimately matter in the long run is a matter of individual preference, but that issue and others are pointed out and made fun of in Smosh Games' latest Honest Game Trailer. The full clip can be watched above, and it seemingly revels in taking to task the rise of Pokemon Go as a pop culture juggernaut.

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For those unable to watch the clip at present, some of the best bits include observations about how Pokemon GO removes the most fun aspects of the original games in favor of focusing on the "part where you walk back and forth in the grass until something happens," and how gameplay is nothing but a "groundbreaking combination of mild cardio, Google Maps, and Paper Toss." Obviously, not everyone who watches Pokemon GO's Honest Game Trailer will agree with all of the opinions presented (and many are obviously exaggerated for comedic effect), but the negativity on display within certainly stands in sharp contrast to the raves the game has drawn from many players.

All kidding aside, the above video also (arguably correctly) refers to Pokemon GO as a fad, and all fads do indeed eventually end. While it's hard to believe based on the amount of press coverage and odd stories connected to the game, Pokemon GO has still been out for less than a month, and one wonders just how long the game will remain as popular as it currently is.

Will the masses still be so enthralled with hunting for Pikachus in their neighbor's backyard by September? That's a logical question, and one which can't confidently be answered at present. In the meantime, it's hard to believe that a game which urges players to get out of the house and move around can really be all that bad.

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Pokemon GO is available now for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Smosh Games

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