Player Makes The Most Incredible Treats For Pokemon GO Community Day Meetups

Pokemon Go Community Day

One Pokémon Go player offers up the yummiest snacks and treats for real-world Pokémon Go Community Day meet-ups. Game developer Niantic announced the first Community Day in 2018, intending to create a monthly global event that would bring Pokémon Go players to their local parks to make friends and become part of a larger community. Niantic marks the occasion by releasing a special Pokémon into the wild for a few hours: that Pokémon comes with an exclusive move. Community Day also offers other incentives, including increased XP and Stardust and Lure Modules that last for three hours.

As one of the most successful mobile games of all time, Pokémon Go, which relies on augmented reality for gameplay, initially launched in 2016. The game quickly became so popular with players attempting to "catch 'em all," that it caused stampedes in public parks. Not only did the game encourage players to come together as a community, but its gameplay also urged people to get off their couches and walk around their towns and cities. Two years after its release, Pokémon Go remains popular with players now having the opportunity to come together for Community Days.

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One player, though, goes above and beyond for Pokémon Go Community Day. Reddit user aryamao likes to bake treats for fellow Pokémon Go trainers. But these treats go beyond simple cookies and brownies. These snacks look like Pokémon, right down to the smallest details. But they're not just pretty, they also seem delicious.

Pokemon Go Treats

This Pokémon Go player also bakes other creative geeky dishes. There's an Eevee-themed pumpkin pie, along with homemade Bulbasaur and Charmander truffles. Another geeky sweet concoction even pays tribute to Spider-Man. Pokémon Go Community Days with aryamao seem special, and it's amazing how creative some fans can get with their love and passion for Pokémon Go. Meanwhile, Niantic keeps improving on the game and recently added a PvP feature that allows trainers to go into battle with each other.

In a world that is often full of depressing news, Pokémon Go continues to bring people together for positive experiences. This includes people of all backgrounds and ages, including a Taiwanese grandfather who figured out a unique way to catch as many Pokémon as possible. Reddit user aryamao is just building upon what Pokémon Go stands for by spreading a little more joy into the world with these special treats. The next Pokémon Go Community Day is on January 12.

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Source: aryamao

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